Yvonne’s EatSmart 5 Week Challenge Update:

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April 17, 2018

Yvonne’s EatSmart 5 Week Challenge Update:

by, Yvonne Moreno

I’ve been participating in the EatSmart Challenge here at Wildcat CrossFit.  We are in our last week, and I’ve learned a few things about myself during these past five weeks.   Some of these things I sort of knew, but wasn’t sure about. Others are completely new to me. 

In terms of nutrition, I’ve learned to embrace foods that have always been taboo to me.  Things like butter!  The real stuff, not the $0.99 tub of the I Can’t Believe stuff.  Real butter is delicious and as it turns out, I can eat as much as I want.  I’ve learned to love veggies in every way possible.  Cauliflower garlic bread is now a staple in my home.  I cleaned out the Safeway of riced cauliflower in a bag!

I’ve also learned a lot about myself and my attitude towards food.  It should come as no big surprise that my relationship with food is not a healthy one as I am “obese”, which is a word I hate but it’s the clinical term for me or rather, people that weigh as much as I do.  That is my box, the one marked OBESE.. 

This is where the emotional side of what I’ve learned about myself comes in.  I’ve always known that I was an emotional eater, and have always been able to turn it off, or so I thought.  These weeks I’ve learned that with all the support I’ve received from my fellow group members, come awesome results.  I’ve been super excited to make these awesome healthy meals and then post them online along with everyone else. 

It’s so great to see that everyone is trying their best. 

Then come weeks like these past two…

I’ve kept on course, but I’ve realized that I’m itching like a junkie for a hamburger. After I had a day where my boss basically called me an idiot for something that was completely out of my control, all I want to do was cry and eat everything that makes me feel better.  I wanted the comfort of a hamburger and fries and a piece of chocolate cake… because those things are delicious and if they are delicious then they will make me happy and happy is lot better than sad and angry. 

There is no one there to comfort me because I keep all those thoughts to myself because I am the obese one and that is what society expects to come out of my mouth.  You see where I am going here?  I have not yet learned the real lesson. 

I know the lesson, I can talk to someone about the lesson, but I myself have not learned it.  On the outside I am a girl trying to right wrongs that have been wrong for a long time. On the inside, I am playing a dangerous game of tug of war.  I guess I am learning a little bit since like any other addict, I know what the problem is. 

This challenge has helped me realize that while fixing what I am putting into my body is a first step, the next step is fixing what I am feeling about my body.  If it wasn’t for these last five weeks and the endless support from my fellow group mates, I would have just continued on my path and never would have stopped to listen to my inner self.  A work in progress I continue to be. 



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