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By, Yvonne Moreno

Tuesday January 23, 2018

Another week another story!  So I walk into the box yesterday ready take all my frustrations out on some good ole Deadlifts, and I had to walk right out.  On Mondays, I come straight to the gym from work, and it’s usually the day I enjoy the most because I just give it all I have.  I walk in with my bag ready to go, and it turns out I have one sneaker and no shirt!  So unless my confidence level suddenly increased 300% and I was going to work out in my sports bra, barefoot and compression pants. My a$$ was out of there with a quickness.  I looked like The Flash, in and out!!  LOL. Anyway, I digress.

Today worked on Front Squats, as follows;

I have to say that I like this new way of recording our progress because it takes the math work out of the whole WOD.  If you keep up with entering your information, you will not have to calculate anything. The TrainHeroic app does it for you.  My 75% of my one rep max was at 75 pounds and today I did 5 times at 95 pounds.

The Accessory Circuit is what got me today.  First my walking, talking conscience, named Drew, made me jump, actually jump, up onto a box.

It was the green baby box, but both my feet jumped off the floor and landed on the box.  Here I am thinking I was a bad ass because I had graduated to the slightly higher box to do step ups and Drew pulled me back to the green box and made me jump with both feet!

I’m not afraid or intimidated of Drew, but when he asks me to do something, for some reason I have to do it.  He made me hang from a bar today too.  I mean granted I didn’t hang for much long but my feet left the box I was standing on for a bit!!  There are these bad asses that never let me get comfortable, they are the coaches and each and every one of them will hold you accountable and sometimes that is what you need!

Wednesday January 24, 2018

Running!  Today was brought to you by RUNNING!  Today we ran, and ran, and in between we did some lovely  kettlebell activity.  I must say that I don’t really hate these running or “endurance” days as much as I used to.  They are very tiring, and I don’t think I curse as much on other days as I do on these days, but it’s nice to know that I don’t give up.  It’s easy. You just have to run, or in my case run, and walk, and walk-run.

Check it out! Today we not only ran, but kettle-belled too!



I finished at a respectable 27:41 minutes. The hardest part about this was the Kettlebell carry.  The first round doesn’t hurt as much because you’re coming off a long run and you welcome that walk. However that second, third, and fourth round hurt.  

‘For those of us that carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, today was exactly what we needed to strengthen those shoulders.’                      –  Yvonne Moreno.

My hands were getting numb, and I was cursing up a storm on those carries.  Another reason I love these WOD’s is that in my wee little mind I keep thinking that I’m gonna die and that I won’t finish and I’ll be the only one without a time on the leaderboard and it’s such an awesome feeling when I do finish.  I’m all about small victories nowadays. 

Thursday January 25, 2018

For those of us that carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, today was exactly what we needed to strengthen those shoulders. 

We worked on a variety of activities today that all centered around our shoulder strength. Plus, anytime I get to work out with Lauryn is always a big plus.  I just love her!!  Lauryn is one of those people that brightens your day with her smile and is as genuine as they come, her bad ass sense of humor is rad too. 

On today’s menu we had the following:

I think my shoulder work needs work.  I’m not pressing as much weight as I thought I could. Still doing five reps at 65 pounds was pretty good work for those shoulders.  I’ve notice my issue is that I get into a comfort zone and stay there for tea!  I mean I get comfortable and bask in the glory of even being there at all and I tend to forget that it’s just another step on that latter.  So I’m going to focus on getting out of that comfort zone.    The 5×5 may not seem like a lot, but when you are adding weight and doing these unbroken, it sure does add up. 

I got the chance to work with a new crossfitter today.  I asked if I could blog about him and he said yes, but asked me not to say his name. 

I love meeting new people and asking what their situation in life is.  This guy said he wanted to get stronger. His words were, “Hopefully, I can make coming here a habit.” 

I assured him that it was a good habit to get into.  He asked me about my CrossFit experience. I simply told him that starting CrossFit was the smartest thing I’ve done in a LONG while.  I encouraged him to stick with it and told him not to come in expecting results right away, rather come in, do the work and change your fitness life one day at a time.  Trust me, I know!

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