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Noah Providence | July 13, 2018 | no comments |

Hi Wildcat CrossFitters,

We have started the next era in programming at Wildcat. As most of you have experienced this past week, the programming has changed subtly. We are moving back toward more traditional CrossFit method programming. This means a larger variety of movements and frequently, a distinct strength. component followed by a metcon. You’ll begin to periodically see the named, benchmark workouts like “Fran”, “Cindy”, “Helen” and occasionally a “Hero” workout. If these names don’t mean anything to you, stay tuned, they will. This programming will be fun, comprehensive, challenging and as always, scalable.

Schedule change note:
In addition to the changes to programming we are discontinuing the Advanced Training class. Our regular WODs will be “programmed for the best, and scaled for the rest” and we anticipate the advanced athletes will be challenged by this programming.

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