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Cara Silverstein | August 22, 2016 | no comments |

One of my intentions in writing this newbie blog is to have a place to document my progress as I notice how my abilities are changing.  It feels a bit presumptuous to even use the phrase ‘Double Under’ to describe this progress report.   I am in no way close to being able to do just one of them.  But… I have definitely made progress toward it.jumpropes

The first time we did double unders in a workout I could barely do 10 single unders without tripping on the rope or getting out of rhythm or out of breath.  Each time double unders came up in a WOD I could do slightly more at once – starting with 10, next time it was 15, the next 20, and then 30.  I thought 30 was really good when was able to finally do it.

In order to get through workouts, I was even scaling the scale.  With 50 double unders translating to 150 single unders and me not being able to do more than 30 at a time, I realized after trying to do the full 150 that it would take me the full hour to make it through that portion of the WOD. So I did 100 and even  that was challenging.  I was always having to stop a few times during each set.  After a while I noted that I could now do 50 at a time.  Progress.

And then we did a workout where 100 single unders was part of an AMRAP.  Those 100 single unders felt like they were in my range. Challenging, for sure, but in reach.  In my first round I was suddenly able to do 100 without stopping.  I was really surprised and got this burst of excited energy and then did 100 without stopping in the next 2 rounds.  And then for the next 2 rounds, I was fumbling and having to stop a couple of times to get each set done and I thought, “I guess I can only do 100 at a time when I’m not at all fatigued.”  Another round of having to stop a few times followed and I mentally confirmed that guess.  And then the next round came and there I was doing 100 at a time again, this time with much less effort.   It was like something in my body finally clicked and the movement became more precise and I no longer had to think about what I was trying to do, I was just doing it.  The next round was the same – 100 in a row, no stopping.  ‘What? Really? I can do this now?’  Yup. I can do that now.  It’s not a double under. It’s not even close to a double under.  But its definitely progress.

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