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Jen Wirth | January 15, 2019 | no comments |

Why I like love working with kids

By: Coach Baily (Coach B)

I LOVE KIDS! Ever since I can remember I’ve loved playing with kids and being around them, even when I was a kid myself! There is just something about their energy, silliness, and, my favorite:  their curiosity! I think that sometimes, as adults we get so caught up in the work and business of life that we forget to play and be curious. So, by being around kids as much as I can, they constantly remind me that I need to be curious and definitely not take myself so seriously.
My love for kids led me to pursue teaching throughout my life. I taught in Sunday School, helped out in my mom’s classroom,  and became a “Big Sister” through the organization Big Brothers Big Sisters in high school. Later in life, I pursued teaching as a career. I began substitute teaching after I graduated college in the Fall of 2013 and started full time teaching shortly after that. I taught kindergarten, second grade, and two years in third grade before “retiring” to become a stay at home mom and a Wildkids’ Coach.
My favorite part about teaching is how kids love to learn, and, like I said before, how they are so curious. Teaching exercise to kids is super fun because they have so much energy and are willing to try anything! They are eager to learn new moves, games, and exercises. In fact, they prefer to learn something new rather than to do the same thing again because they like getting out of their comfort zones and gaining knowledge. Every day is a new day to learn and grow in their eyes.
It is such a blast being a Kid’s Coach!

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