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Back Squat (Week 4 of 4: Establish New Max)

5 Reps @ 70%
3 Reps @ 80%
1 Rep @ 90%
1 Rep @ 100%

At this point, move up in small increments until you reach failure or a weight that you are very certain is close to your current max. If you did not participate in the preview 3 weeks of the progression, use today to establish a One Rep Max (1RM) for the next cycle!

Have fun and be safe folks. Please bail in front of the barbell if the weight is not coming up. No spotters today. There should be 5-10ft of empty space behind each rack. Let’s see those PRs!!!

PS. If you do hit a new max, write it up on our PR board to share your successes with the rest of the Wildcat Family!

B) METCON (For Time)

Go Fast or Die Trying…

Every 5min. x 3 Rounds:
15 Thrusters (95/65)
Run 400m
15 Pull-Ups

S1/MRx: THR (75/55), sub Ring-Row or Banded Pull-Ups
S2/MS: THR (45/35), sub Jumping Pull-Ups
Rx+: Sub 6 Ring Muscle-Ups for 15 Pull-Ups

Get each round done as fast as possible. This is not just a get it done type of EMOM. You are going to have a lot of rest each time, but I need you to earn it. Try to stay within 10-20 seconds of each round at the highest intensity possible.

Your score is your SLOWEST time!

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