The 2019 “On Ramp Nutrition Challenge”

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Jen Wirth | January 8, 2019 | no comments |

The 2019 “On Ramp Nutrition Challenge”

Weight loss, muscle gain, better digestion, higher energy levels- That’s what eating right can do for you.

Join your Wildcat Family in doing the 2019 Nutrition Challenge-The On RampRelated image

It includes:
-A kick-off meeting detailing the program. I’ll offer you strategies for success and talk about the science behind it. (Meeting attendance is optional)
-Baseline biometrics: weight, bodyfat percentage, measurements
-A private FB group where I’ll share recipes, answer questions and provide support
-End of challenge biometrics

What is it? It’s a simple, but possibly challenging, 4 weeks of clean eating. It’s about eliminating the junk from your diet and providing the fuel and nutrition for optimal health and performance.

We’ll eat meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit, nuts, eggs, and quality dairy. We wont eat sugar, gluten and bad oils. Thats it! Powerful and simple.

When: Monday Jan.14th – Friday Feb. 8th (4 weeks)
Who: Everyone who wants to get the most out of their training and enjoy better health
Cost: $60
Register Here

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