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Jen Wirth | December 15, 2018 | no comments |

Here’s a lovely little appreciation we received from a great former Wildcat member, Michael Walden, just before he left the US to go study overseas…

“I visited other CrossFit gyms in Tucson, but the location of Wildcat was the best for me. Laurie was the coach in the first classes I visited. She was so energetic and friendly that it was a forgone decision for me to join Wildcat.
Because of my time at Wildcat Crossfit, I’ve drastically increased my fitness in almost everything. My lifts are up more than I ever thought they could go a year ago. I love walking into the gym more than ever. Perhaps the coolest part is that I know so much more about fitness, and myself, than I did before I joined.
My goals are pretty much unchanged from when I first came in. They always were: 2xBW Back Squat; 2.5xBW Deadlift; 1.5x BW Bench Press; 36 inch vertical (that might be impossible, genetically); and a 5 minute mile. I do have vague, as yet unformed goals about agility and proprioception. But I think I have one new goal worth sharing, and it’s simple: Move More.
Definitely my favorite part of the Wildcat experience was learning. It’s cool to get in shape – it feels even better to learn the skills, knowledge, and abilities to take charge of your own journey in fitness. Classes and the gym were a great motivator and I never stopped coming in; but I also started stretching and power lifting outside of class using what I had learned, in ways that would compliment what I was doing at Wildcat.
You guys really helped me in my journey towards fitness! Noah and Jen own a community; they embody it, encourage it, and help people become the people they hope to be. From my point of view, you are blessed with your instructors: Ryan was a patient instructor who always had an eye on form and helped me get down basics. Laurie made me fall in love with the place and always encouraged me. I learned an incredible amount.  I miss you all and wish you the best.”

Thanks so much Michael for your awesome words and fantastic attitude. So glad that your time at Wildcat helped you develop an appreciation for movement! Keep it up!!

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