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Jen Wirth | April 15, 2019 | no comments |

Want to take even better care of You?
Take a sec to pat yourself on the back.

A New Blog Post by Coach Jen, RN



Here’s a question: Once you finish a project, what do you do?


Move on to the next pile of undone projects on your desk, maybe?
Do you find yourself rushing around in a harried manner from one task to the next?
A lot of us do.
Well, these days, I’m all about being more deliberate with my self-care practices. This means way more than just exercise and nutrition, though those are truly key ingredients. But, so is sleep. So is drinking water. So is stretching. So is the ability to relax and receive praise; to enjoy your accomplishments. So is being part of a supportive, healthy social group.
One way to start taking better care of yourself is to join a supportive community. We all need a space where we are supported; where we feel seen and respected.
In the Wildcat community, athletes encourage each other to work hard, while the attentive and supportive coaching helps us feel safe. Because we feel safe, we work harder, and we achieve things. We get better together.
I’ll let you in on a little secret, none of this awesome, supportive dynamic in the Wildcat community happened by accident. We are very deliberate about the way we train our coaches, and the way we direct our culture within the gym. This is why Wildcat is such a friendly, inviting space, and why everyone who walks through our doors feels supported and encouraged to do the hard work, and take the small steps, one at a time, in the direction of their dreams.
What I’m saying today is, if you want to fully transform your life, it’s not enough to be a part of a supportive exercise community, and eat a decent diet. You need to get your thoughts on your side as well. Say more nice things about yourself. Quit beating yourself up.
Pay attention to the voice in your head and start to cajole it into saying nice things about you more often. When you catch yourself saying something nasty about yourself, stop.

Think of something else.

Part of achieving your goals means getting rid of the voices, both external and internal, telling you that you didn’t do a good job, or that you just plain can’t.
Not sure how to get started? How about a pat on the back for making it to the gym today? Or for emptying the dishwasher? Did you do something that needed doing? Give yourself a pat on the back. Try it, literally. It feels really good.

While we’re sitting back and appreciating our accomplishments, one of mine from this past weekend was: I finished editing the first highlight reel for the 2019 CrossFit Open. This is it right here. :



If you didn’t participate in the Open this year, the video is a heart-warming journey of athletic accomplishment, of triumph over adversity. Through still shots and video clips you will see the honest efforts of every Wildcat athlete and the supportive community cheering them on. Watch them as they leave it all on the floor. My favorite part was all the Hi-5’s I caught. So many Hi-5’s.
If you did participate in the Open, you will probably see yourself in this video. The 2019 CrossFit Open took five weeks. Five Saturdays of marking off time, showing up at the gym, giving each of the five workouts your full focus.
And so here is an opportunity for you to sit back and feel proud of yourself for a few minutes. Take a breath. Look at all the cool stuff you just did. Pat yourself on the back. You deserve it.

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