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The 2018 Summer Kids Fitness Camp was a big success!

by, Coach Baily (aka “Coach B.”)

Our first week of Wildcat Kids Camp was a BLAST! We started every morning with a “get to know you” game to make everyone feel comfortable and get to know each others names. We did a fun warm up of the day, a skill (deadlift, kb swing, and single leg balance), then do the WOD.

The skills we focused on were very basic and foundational. Later on, we added weight while keeping the same perfect form. We played several games throughout the day; ones that I planned as well as games that the kids came up with!

We were able to serve our gym and fellow Wildcat Family members by doing a service project every single day! We cleaned the back room, wall balls, ab mats, bikes, and rowers. It was a great way to give back to every single person that walked through the door and teaching the kids to pay it forward 🙂 We ended every day with some sort of craft. It gave us time to chat with our friends and get in touch with our creative side.

I loved being Coach B for the week with these funny and hard working kiddos! I can’t wait to continue the kids classes and another kids camp in the fall…. STAY TUNED :)-Coach B

Check out these cool photos featuring cool campers from the Wildcat Summer Kids Fitness Camp:



Dear Friends!

Thanks so much for checking out our Summer Fitness Fun Camp! Our Goal is to keep kids moving, happy, and creative and return them to you tired and happy. We are excited to meet you (and your kids!) and answer all your questions! 

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