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Noah Providence | January 6, 2019 | no comments |

Sugar free

By, Coach Noah

Next week we’ll begin a 4 week Wildcat Nutrition Challenge. It’s called the On-Ramp because its foundational. It’s the basic practices that should be at the heart of any nutritional approach. A main component of the challenge is refraining from refined sugar for 4 weeks. This can be a major challenge for some people but breaking the sugar addiction will yield quick and powerful results. The presence of refined sugar is insidious. It’s in just about all packaged foods.

In the long term, a high sugar diet can lead to type 2 diabetes and a slew of issues that are associated with that.

Some of the more immediate consequences of a diet high in sugar are:

    • Weight gain or the inability to lose weight. Sugar spikes insulin and insulin is the fat storage hormone. That’s why low carb diets are so effective for weight loss. They keep insulin levels low.
    • Accelerated aging. Glucose metabolism creates large amounts of free radicals which lead to oxidative damage to skin and an increased in wrinkles
    • Depression. While there is a short term high from sugar intake as it stimulates the same receptors as cocaine, there is a subsequent drop in serotonin levels and studies have shown higher incidence of depression and other mood disorders in diets high in sugar.
    • Low Energy. The initial spike in energy from sugar is inevitably followed be an energy drop which is often accompanied by cloudy headedness.


Dependably, after refraining from sugar for a while, the cravings dissipate and you’ll begin to experience the benefits of more stable energy, easier weight loss, more stable mood, and other foods will begin to taste better and be more satisfying.

Join us for the 4 week Nutrition On-Ramp Challenge and see how powerful this change can be for you.

Learn ore about the 4 Week Nutrition ON-Ramp Challenge

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