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Jen Wirth | September 10, 2015 | 2 comments |

September Wildcat CrossFit Fierce Fitness Athlete of the Month is Cannon Daughtrey!IMG_0186


That’s right, amigos, Cannon Daughtrey is the Athlete of the Month! This hardcore Archaeologist and diminutive Dynamo hails from the swamps of Georgia and lately she has been taking the Wildcat whiteboard by storm. Cannon’s strength and overall performance have improved vastly since she started at the gym in May of 2014.

Since then, Cannon has gotten pull-ups (!!), discovered latent strengths, developed new ones, and she Competes. To give you an example of Cannon’s competitive athleticism: In this Workout on August 20th, Cannon was the only Wildcat athlete… in the entire day … to complete all 100 Bear Complexes in under 15 minutes…with 3 burpees Every Minute On the Minute.

Cannon works as an Archaeological Field Director in the Cultural Resources Division of an environmental engineering company. She is also the field trip coordinator for a local historical society. Over the years she’s worked on prehistoric and historic sites in far-flung geographies ranging from Mayan polities and cave sites, late 19th century cemeteries, Mississippian and Hohokam villages, mesquite processing sites dating to 5,000 years ago, and early 20th century mining exploits. Her favorite part of being an archaeologist is meeting the locals in tiny towns and getting the really good dirt on what’s around.

As you can see, Ms. Daughtrey is an impressive human being…she is also quite hilariously funny. Have a blast reading her answers to our questionnaire. And when you see Cannon at the gym, give her a fist bump! She’s awesome.

1) How long have you been doing CrossFit and what made you decide to start doing CrossFit for exercise? 

I started a little over a year ago but it took some time to begin coming regularly. I’m always working on some crazy, ridiculous schedule but the more I came to Wildcat, the more I wanted to come. Prioritizing fitness is difficult when you’re balancing so many things in life (job, school, friends, plates, broom handles, balls of ambergris, sushi buffets) but CrossFit makes working out fun and the community at Wildcat definitely contributes to a great experience overall. So I guess that answers ‘what keeps me coming back’ now ‘why CrossFit’. I’ve always considered myself marginally good at most things, great at no one thing, but athletically inclined. Well, I’m pretty good at guestimation and party planning, anyway…I was tired of running, felt I got nothing from machines, and was just in a general funk when it came to exercising. I love obstacle courses and saw the CrossFit games and thought, hmmm maybe I could do that marginally well.  

2) Were you nervous about starting CrossFit as a sport? If yes, what helped you overcome your nervousness and what helped you to commit to giving CrossFit a try? 

Sh*t yeah I was nervous, CrossFit has so many elements and letters and cool, strenuous-sounding names for things. I had no idea what I was doing or what any abbreviation/acronym stood for in the first few weeks. I committed because learning new and challenging skills while working to improve them is so rewarding. The coaches were knowledgeable, enthusiastic, patient, attentive, supportive, and powerful people (as are the athletes there). I wanted the opportunity to take on some of those qualities in my every day struggle to stay fit. Also, saying the names of certain exercises makes you sound like a bada$$, just sayin’.

3) Talk about the strength gains you have made. 

Before CrossFit I had no idea how much weight I could lift and although 10 years ago, when I was more active in sports, I thought I was fairly strong, I was surprised how much of that strength remained. I think my biggest strength gain has been mental, using some fortitude to push through and keep going. I’m working on finesse of movement at this point, just trying not to be such a sloppy bulldozer. 

4) Tell the story of your favorite (or most memorable) workout.

I still haven’t thrown up, but I’m looking forward to that work out. All of them are memorable but if I had to choose it would be Memorial Day Murph this year. I just showed up as usual for a WOD but oh no, it was the Murph. I hadn’t worked out in a while so sh!t got real, real quick. I finished miraculously, although I had to break things up, maybe next year I won’t. I felt pretty great and accomplished afterwards.

5) Have any other great changes occurred in your life since you started CrossFitting?

Meeting new people that are positive additions in your adult life is important to me, so that’s happened many times over, Also, I wear nothing but bro-tanks and stretchy pants with no buttons or zippers, my favorite. So let’s just say my fashion is enviable…outta my way Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II!

6) Has your new, higher level of fitness been beneficial to you outside of the gym? (muscles aren’t just for looking pretty, after all)

I pretty much race walk everyone these days and then yell, YEAH IN YOUR FACE! Hah, no I’m just kidding (sort of)…but yes, I feel empowered and grateful for my health and this community. In general, I think CrossFit is good for your mind and body, my endurance has improved along with my confidence.

7) Have you tried/accomplished any other fitness goals outside of the gym since you started crossfitting/joined Wildcat? 

As an archaeologist I need to be physically capable of shoveling mass, swinging a pickaxe, running wheelbarrows up embankments, screening pounds of dirt, and carrying two 5 gallon buckets filled to the brim with rocks, banana peels, and granola bar wrappers…the fact I can still do all of this 10 years in, is a testament to CrossFit keeping me on top of things. 

8) What is your favorite thing about the Wildcat CrossFit community?

At Wildcat you can practice friendly competition to push yourself without having your self esteem negatively impacted—everything here is about fostering personal goals and achieving successes in a supportive environment. Workouts are tailored to any skill level or ability so everyone feels good about what they are doing and can envision their future goals becoming a reality. Also, I can be myself…that may sound cheesy but I like to crack a joke or two (can you believe that?!?) and I feel comfortable in this community…outta my way Sarah Silverman.

9) What is the next CrossFit movement that you are working on mastering? What would you like to get better at in general?

Heavy snatches done properly and for me, the dreaded dastardly dubious demon DOUBLE UNDER. And…because I’m a dreamer, muscle ups.I would like to work on increasing the number of pull ups I can do before dropping off the bar and sniveling. 

10) What are some things that you can do now that you could not do when you started doing CrossFit?

Pull ups! Workouts using the recommended weight. Running a mile in less than 8 minutes.Consistently putting more than 100 pounds over my head, say what. Ripping the arms out of the two nice shirts I owned just like Bruce Banner. Never ever needing to wear gloves because my hands are like hooves and I like it!

11) What is your next fitness goal?

Improving my bowling score, seriously, how can I be this strong and not throw a 13 pound ball down a lane at a decent speed with any precision whatsoever (I’m just terrible)? Aside from bowling, I’d like to run a marathon and continue to lift better and faster at the gym. I also want others to know the benefits of this sport and give it the good ole college try!




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