Not Such a Newbie Anymore: Happy 1-Month CrossFit Anniversary, Yvonne!

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Not Such a Newbie Anymore: Yvonne’s 1 -Month CrossFit Anniversary; A Running Milestone Reached(!) & Another Week of Workouts

by, Yvonne Moreno

Barbell Hour

This class was great! I got to handle the barbell a lot more then I am used to, hence the name of the class. I did go home with aching hands, but OMG I loved it!

Today our Coach was Lauryn. I love this chic; she is awesome!! The Barbell Hour class is basically structured like your regular WOD. You have a warm up, the workout, and then the cool down. Today we worked on Front Squats, working to heavy sets of 3, as well as a new exercise that I hadn’t done before: the Pistol Squat.

For a quick warm up, we started off with two rounds of 5 front squats, 5 push ups, 10 pvc pass thrus and 10 walking lunges with a twist. Then we went into 4 rounds of 3 front squats at 85% max weight, 3 box jumps and 3 pistol squats. I haven’t yet been able to master the box jumps so I keep it simple and safe for me and I do step ups instead. We ended with a quick 200 meter run, 5 push ups, 5 SL & DL per side and 5 Slashers AMRAP for 15 minutes.

I recommend this class at least once if you’re new to CrossFit. It’s small and it gives you an opportunity to get practice handling a barbell.

Monday July 24, 2017

Ok kids I’m back!! Last week I was in the gym once for the barbell hour then then the very next day I fell In the mud! Don’t laugh…ok, you can laugh a little, but I did fall in the mud and the entire left side of my body hurt. :'(

But guess what? I’m back this week!! And I’m happy to report that I started off my Monday with an awesome workout!

We started off with a warm up, and then went straight into what we call a “Mixed Helen” which consisted of 12 Pull Ups, a 400 meter run, and 21 KB swings. Yes, you are reading that right. And we did it 3 rounds for time. My time: 16:31. We finished up with a nice cool down using the foam roller to work on our lats and traps.

So it’s coming up on about a month since I started this journey. I’ve already noticed that I am physically stronger. My energy levels are awesome, and I have to say that my confidence is 100% times better then when I walked in that first day.

Today when the Coach said take a run, I made a quick decision and jumped out the bay door… And I Ran!


Tuesday July 25, 2017

Today was the day folks! Those of you that follow me know that I don’t run because I physically can’t. However. Today when the Coach said take a run, I made a quick decision and jumped out the bay door… And I Ran! I RAN A WHOLE 200 METERS WITHOUT STOPPING! I mean it was a slow run, and my lungs were cussing me out, but I FREAKING RAN!!

Take that you nay-sayers! I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t run the 400 meter as suggested, but I ran half of that, which is more than I could do before! This is a big day for me, kids, because I hadn’t been able to run more then 100 meters before without stopping and walking the rest of the way. CrossFit did this for me!!!

Ok, now as I sit on my couch I don’t feel quite so badass, mainly because I’m so tired. You see, today I almost died. Let me just lay it out for you:

Today on the friendly little whiteboard it stated that we had to do 6 rounds of a 2 minute row, with 3 minutes of rest in between, and then finish it up with a nice 400 meter farmers carry.

The only reason I pushed myself so hard was because Coach Ryan was right there, cheering me on.

Now, when I saw 6 rounds of a 2 minute row and a 3 minute rest I thought, “Ahh, come on, that’s easy!” Um no.

I think I died a couple of times between rows! OMG guys, my body was telling me to get the hell up off that rower and run in the direction of home! Check this out: my highest meter row was 407m, and this was on my last row. The only reason I pushed myself so hard is because Coach Ryan was right there, cheering me on. He stood next to me and made sure that I gave it my all and he didn’t let me quit. This support is why I keep coming back and don’t follow my urge to run in the other direction!

This week marked my one month CrossFit anniversary.

CrossFit has already changed my life and has made me be more accountable for my health and well-being. Thanks Wildcat CrossFit! I’ll see you next week as my kid and I are outta here a for a few days and will be enjoying ourselves in the beautiful San Diego weather!







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