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Jen Wirth | July 31, 2017 | 1 comment |

Another Week in the (Wildcat CrossFit) Life!

Monday July 10, 2017

Hey Kids, it’s a brand new week and I am still on this ride! I’ve got to say that I didn’t think I would last this long because, just when you think you are getting used to the WODs … bam! they make you do something different that makes you think twice about your thought process. That being said, I attended the Community Class yesterday, and here I am the very next day, I’m a rebel!!

Today’s 5 pm class was a largest I’ve seen thus far. We split up into two groups for today’s WOD. The first group started with the strength portion. Today we did a push press rotation of 4-3-2-1-4-4. The last time I did this rotation my max was at 70 lbs. I pushed it up to this weight today and toyed with adding a little more weight, but I didn’t think it was time. I will vow to push it next time though.

The second half of the WOD was a METCON, 5 rounds of 15 cal row/bike/ski machine, down and back front rack kettlebell walk and 10 front rack kettlebell squats. Ok, so let me explain today’s METCON (or as I called it…METDEATH!!!) in detail:

Oh my gawd, I was about to keel over after this one. I did like a million squats. Ok, it was only 50, but that’s 50 squats holding kettlebells!!! Ok, so the clock starts, and I did first 15 cal on the rower, then took my wobbly legs and picked up two 16kg kettlebells and walked up and down the length of the gym 4 times with those kettlebells tucked in the crook of my bent arms. Then you stop and hit 10 squats with those little suckers. And then guess what kids? I did that 4 more times! My time was 16 min 41 seconds. Not bad for a kid from the wrong side of being fit!! LOL

Wednesday July 12th

Today was another hard one. We worked on power cleans and push press. I definitely have to work on my form with these because of my coordination. Finding the correct way to clean that barbell to your collar is my problem. Also, I think it’s the effort that you put into these moves that makes you successful, and today I wasn’t very energetic. I did not want to be there I wanted to be at home with my tub of Blue Bunny. But, alas, my ass is not in any shape to be at home partaking in any Blue Bunny action. I digress. Moving on…

Capacity wanted to kill me today, if capacity was a mass murderer. Today the white board had the nerve to say that today we were going to do 4 two minute AMRAP of 2 Power Clean + Push Press and 6 Burpee bar hops. They wanted me to jump the bar. Lol, not today. Needless to say, I can’t jump that high, so I did my modified burpee which is just like a real burpee except when I go into push up position I don’t go down to the floor. I hold that plank and then walk my hands back to my feet, stand up, and jump.

You guys, the bane of my existence was our cool down. The 400 meter kettle bell walk or the Farmer Carry. When I tell you that everyone suffers with this one please believe me!! I mean EVERYONE!!!

Listen guys, not everyday is going to be the best day. I learned that when I come in with a bad attitude, my results will be affected. We all have our good and bad days, but make sure that when you walk in the door of any workout program, that you do it with a positive attitude and I can assure you that it will help. We are human and we will have bad days, but you can’t give up and the process of making yourself better!!

Friday July 14. 2017

I was called an athlete today. For the first time in my life that word defined me and damn if that didn’t feel good!

So I figured something out today…every coach has his or her own style of teaching. You can have the hard ass that tells you that you need to work on your core and to check your ego when trying to lift more weight then you’re used to. Then there’s the coach who cheers you often and praises your every attempt. Here’s why I’ve learned to love both coaching styles: The hard ass makes me try harder, squat deeper, they make we want to build that strong foundation. And the cheerleaders who see me in the gym and yell from accross the room, telling me that I’m doing a good job, and to keep it up, are setting that foundation. These coaches are the glue that hold me together and allow me to walk out of every session with my head held high.

We worked on overhead squats today. These are kind of hard when you keep adding weight. Coach Laurie had us start with just the PVC pipes to correct our forms. Laurie is a stickler for form. I like that she takes the time to correct us and lets us know when we need to scale the weight down in order to do a correct overhead squat.

In conclusion, this week was hard not entirely because of the work out, but also because of everyday life. Like I said earlier in the week, I have to remember to stay positive and take every little bit of praise and constructive criticism and use those things to build a stronger me. I’m going to try to make it to different classes next week. Maybe go to the barbell class and work on that form. Until then, thanks for coming on this wild ride with me! Leave me a comment, ask me a question or just say HI!!



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  • Lynda says:

    Loving this blog, Yvonne! Thanks for your perspective on crossfit. I enjoy reading your experiences at Wildcat.

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