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Jen Wirth | July 12, 2017 | 1 comment |

by, Yvonne Moreno

“So today I walk in and I’m ready to do this again….”

Don’t look now, but I think that’s a baby bicep!!  I think I’m losing weight just by the sweat alone!  So the adventure continues, like I’ve said before I’ve committed to three times a week. However, if I can get in here more than that I definitely will!

Let me take you through my week:

Monday June 26, 2017

All soreness from my last class is gone and I miss it!  Ok just kidding I don’t miss it at all! Even still, I’m here and ready to go through it all over again.  Taylor was today’s coach.  As expected, this session was different from my last class.  I like that every coach has a different approach because it makes me ask questions.  Taylor started the class explaining the workout and the next thing I know she said, “take a 200 meter run.”  I was barely getting over the “run” word when everyone was passing me by to take their run.  I quickly took off at a run/walk pace.  As usual, everyone passed me by, but I didn’t let that discourage me.  By the time I got back, everyone was already doing lunges across the room.  This was my fear.  The last thing I wanted to do is slow the class down, but everyone waited for me.  I was the last one to finish the warm up, and no one was complaining.

For the strength portion she has us do a Push Press rotation of 8,5,4,2,8,8.  Yes that’s 6 sets each of 8,5,4,2,8,8!  I know it sounds kind of odd but you add a little weight at each rotation and by the time you’re doing your last 8 you can really feel it on your arms.  The Push Press was a little hard to do, but Taylor was right there with me helping me work through it.  Basically you start with the barbell at your collar and you push it up over your head.  I got up to 40lbs on this one.

The Metcon (Metabolic Conditioning) Portion was my favorite today.  It was four, two minute rounds with 1 minute break in-between AMRAP (As Many Rep As Possible); 15x Double-unders (jump rope) or 40 singles (which is what I did), and 5x Power Cleans.  I managed to do 3 rounds the first time, and 2 and a half the next three rounds.  Considering that fact that I carry a lot of weight, I think it was a good start.  My Power Cleans need a little work, but I’ll get there.  I ending up doing these at 35lbs.

I went home feeling like a boss. Ok, maybe just like a manager, but feeling great nonetheless.  Thanks Taylor for an awesome workout!  You made me run but it wasn’t that scary this time!  Thanks to all my workout partners today.  I’m sorry I was slow, but you got to see me in all my messy glory and you can go home and tell people you worked out with someone who didn’t give up even when she could have!

…my muscles are saying, “why the hell are you working us so hard!”  I just tell them to shut up and deal with it because I plan to live a long time and this means pain, sweat, and tears! 

Wednesday June 28, 2017

I’ve been feeling Monday’s workout in my shoulders and sides.  I think my muscles are saying, “why the hell are you working us so hard!”  I just tell them to shut up and deal with it because I plan to live a long time and this means pain, sweat, and tears!  People must think I’m crazy when they see me at a red light talking to my arm!!

So today I walk in and I’m ready to do this again.  I’ve lost all apprehension and now it’s like I can’t wait to see if they are going to make me run today!  I also met Noah today, he owns the gym along with Jen.  We chatted and he asked if I was here to do the WOD. I casually answered that, yes, in fact I was and was excited about it. Then Noah said four words that scared me a little…ok they scared me a lot:  “It’s a tough one today!”

Listen guys, for me every WOD so far has been a “tough one.” I remembered that I’ve made it through every other time, so I relaxed a little.  That was my bad because OMG, I was literally asking myself WHY at every point of this WOD.

We started off with a nice 400 meter run!  I say nice, but what I really mean is: “What the hell am I doing trying to run? I’m just going to walk really fast and try not to die… &^$%# 400 meter run!”  After the run, we followed up with a few stretching moves with the PVC’s and went on to practice our Power Cleans and Push Press with the PVC.  Then we grabbed our barbells and practiced, adding weight to get to our max.  So far I’m doing good.  I ended up at 45lbs, which is better then last week, when I was lifting 35lbs.  I was thinking, ‘No problem, this is cake,’ until the Work Capacity portion of the day started…

So get this, the lovely Lauryn explained that for this portion of the WOD we were doing 4 rounds of 4 minutes each continuous movement with one minute rest in between.  In one minute we needed to do 2 Power Cleans plus Push Press and then drop and finish the minute with burpees … BURPEES!!!  We did this every minute for 4 minutes, rested, and then continued until the 4 rounds were completed.  OH MY GAWD!!!

“Needless to say I did it
because I’m a rock star!
My burpees were messy and
on my knees, but I sure did it.”

By the end of the first round, that’s four minutes of lifting and dropping and jumping, I WAS DONE!!  That was the shortest 1 minute rest of my life and then I had to do it again!  Needless to say I did it because I’m a rock star!  My burpees were messy and on my knees, but I sure did it.  I thought I was dead by the end of the four rounds, but I still completed them!  This, my friends, was a tough one!

After we put our stuff up, the incredibly cute and sweet Lauryn told us to get some kettlebells and take another 400 meters!!  I grabbed some 9 pounders and politely asked her what she meant by “take another 400 meters.” She smiled and said, “Walk to the 400 meter mark outside with the weight taking as little rest breaks as possible.”

Lauryn’s so cute. I love her because she could be telling you to go flip the car over with your bare hands and no help … but she’s so sweet that you’d be like, “Ok, I’ll be right back,” smile and go do what she asks!  This cool down didn’t seem that hard…at first. But after the ‘16 minutes of Hell’ (as I am calling it), walking with extra weight, any extra weight, is going to be a little difficult.  In hindsight, I could have grabbed some heavier weight, but the 18 extra pounds still did me in.

I got home and thanked the heavens above that I love my CrossFit family, because I was cussing everyone out today (in my head of course), but I’ll be back on Friday!

Friday June 31, 2017

I’m feeling pretty good today, I had a little ache in my back from Wednesday’s torture class, er I mean Wednesday’s WOD.  I’m feeling even better because a couple of people came up to me and introduced themselves.  They mentioned that they read my blog and, man that felt good!  I met and got along really well with Anneth, who told me that she enjoyed reading it and, well this one is dedicated to you, my friend!  Enjoy!!

The lovely Taylor was our coach today and she said my most dreaded words…”let’s start with a 400 meter run!”  Even though the board stated it was a 200 meter run, this cute little lady said 400 meters!!  So I ran/walk, and hated every minute of it!!  Do you see a pattern?

I’ve never done Overhead Squats with weight before, so I was looking forward to trying these and guess what?  I crushed it.

Today’s strength portion was 4 rounds of 4 Overhead Squats, increasing the weight each round, 5 T-Spine Rotations and 10 PVC pipe pass-thrus.  I’ve never done Overhead Squats with weight before, so I was looking forward to trying these and guess what?  I crushed it.  My new friends, Anneth and Marion also did that Overhead Squat justice!  My technique was a little wonky, but Taylor set me strait and I corrected it.  Below are some pictures of the girls and myself.

Today’s work capacity was intense.  I don’t think I’ll ever get used to these 9-15-21 sets.  For these sets we did Deadlifts and dumbbell Thrusters.

With the Deadlifts, you start with the barbell on the ground with your back straight you lift straight up to your hip, then bend down straight, and back to the floor.  The Thrusters are done by using two dumbbells starting on the floor, back straight bend over grab them and put them to your shoulders, elbows tucked in, squat and thrust your arms up when you’re at standing position.

At 20 I told myself,
“What’s one more?”
And guess what? I did it.
I planned on giving up, but I didn’t.

The first set of nine were easy and I kept telling myself that I got this, but I so didn’t have this.  When I hit the middle of the 15 set, I was thinking that I was going to fall over.  My thighs burned, my shoulders burned, my hands ached.  On the last set I was thinking that if I did 15 I would be fine.  I broke it down and did these in fives with a small pause in between.  When I got to 15 I told myself that it was just 5 more and I’d be ok doing 20.  At 20 I told myself, “what’s one more?” And guess what? I did it.  I planned on giving up, but I didn’t.  My time was not the best, but coming in at 10:03 minutes I was smiling pretty big!!

After I rocked at the capacity, I was chatting a little with Taylor and told her a little about me and my concerns. She assured me that I was doing an awesome job.

You guys you have to give this CrossFit thing a try.  Every class this week has been different and has pushed me beyond what I thought my limits were. 

I’ve met some awesome people and I’ve never felt this great about myself.  My first full week and it won’t be my last!  Come in and check out this wild, intense and awesome ride I’m on!  You can check out all the class schedules online, hope to see you guys at the gym! Have a great weekend!


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