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NEW ARTICLE: Five Ways Olympic Lifting Will (Really) Make Your Life Better


FULL VIDEO: Olympic Lifting Q&A with Coach Ryan Barlow

What’s Olympic Lifting, you ask?

Good question!

If you’ve heard of the Clean and Jerk, and the Snatch, you’ve heard of Olympic Lifting. It’s in practicing and improving your performance in these two (well, really three) movements that so many benefits are unlocked.

But do you know why the Oly Lifts : Clean and Jerk and the Snatch are such a big part of CrossFit?

I asked Coach Ryan why he thinks that the Olympic Lifts are such an important part of CrossFit. He said, “I think CrossFit and Greg Glassman have realized that these fast lifts, these Olympic movements are critical to training people how to move well, and making them safe, more useful human beings.”
Ryan continued,”In Greg Glassman’s “World Class Fitness in 100 Words,” he says: Practice the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. These heavy lifts are really important for overall physical health and they’re going to bring you confidence and the ability to take your fitness outside of the gym.”

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Feel free to click on the video below to watch the full Olympic Lifting Q&A Video, released today on the Wildcat YouTube Channel, or keep reading to learn just 5 of the many, many ways that Olympic Lifting can improve your physique, your overall body health, and your life!


Five Ways that Olympic Lifting Can (Really) Improve Your Life!

1. Olympic Lifting Will Improve Your Physical Appearance
– Olympic Lifting Improves your Muscle Tone.

Want great muscle definition? The muscle fibers you can see best are called “fast twitch.” These are the fibers that are developed through the practice of quick, fast movements.

The best athletes to demonstrate the difference between fast twitch and slow twitch muscle are two specific groups of runners: elite Sprinters, and Marathon runners. Sprinters have a lot of fast twitch muscle fibers. Marathoners have more slow twitch muscle fibers. What do the sprinters have in common? Thick, well, muscled arms and shoulders, as well as abs, thighs, and calves.

What do the elite marathoners look like? Thin, light, wispy. No matter how fast you are going, if you settle into a steady pace and just keep running, you are using slow twitch muscles. These athletes are doing something impressive. No doubt about it. But if you want to see your muscles, it’s important to exercise your fast twitch muscle fibers too.

Back to the original point: Olympic Lifting will help you to start seeing your muscles. Olympic movements are quick and fast… like “sprints” for all your different muscle groups. Even when you don’t do them with weight at first (using just a PVC pipe or a broomstick), you will start to feel and see your muscles growing!

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2. Olympic Lifting Will Improve Your Long Term Physical Health

You may have heard that weightlifting is a key way to make sure that your bones retain calcium. This doesn’t mean you can carry 1 pound weights around, and call it good forever. What you need to do is continually challenge your muscles, by increasing the amounts of weight you are able to move and hold static. The heavier the weights your body can control throughout the Olympic Lifts, generally the fitter you are.

As we humans age, if we fail to do weight-bearing exercise, our bones gradually lose calcium. Over time, this can lead to osteoporosis, and then osteopenia, and brittle bones. Brittle bones are dangerous, because when you fall down, they can break. The process is more insidious for women, as hormone level changes start to release calcium from our bones starting in our 30s. Sure, you can take medicine, and eat more leafy greens that might help a little, but if you want to make sure your bones maintain their density, you need to lift some weight.

In addition to strong bones, Olympic Lifting will also give you increasingly stronger muscles, joints. You will get more flexible and your balance will improve.

3. Olympic Lifting Will Improve Your Confidence and Your Health Right Now!

Not only will you stay in great shape as you get older, Olympic Lifting can benefit your health Here and Now, my friend.

First of all, your confidence will increase, and with it your sense of well-being. Practicing Olympic Lifting releases endorphins, natural chemicals that make you, and  your body, feel fantastic. You fee more awake, alert, and energetic, yet also relaxed and in control. It’s better than just coffee. It’s better than a couple of beers. It feels awesome. That’s why people do it. No lie.

Now let’s talk about health benefits. If you click around on the internet, you will find many people who were diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and have since weaned themselves off of Insulin using exercise programs that include Olympic Lifting. Here is a study in the journal Experimental Psychology that shows that six weeks of CrossFit helped people to increase their insulin sensitivity (lowering their average daily blood sugar). That’s cool.

People have also experienced relief from back pain, arthritis, inflammation, and weight loss due to adding Olympic Lifting to their body maintenance [exercise] programs.

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4. Olympic Lifting will make you better at whatever sport you practice outside the gym.

News Flash: It will make you better at CrossFit too! But if you’re not currently a crossfitter (that’s what we call ourselves once we drink the Koolaid ;-), and you like to run, or play soccer, kickball, or basketball… or basically any other sport, then Olympic Lifting will help you increase your muscle strength and explosive power. Your balance and coordination will improve and you may notice that your performance on the field is improving.

Additionally, Olympic Lifting strengthens your joints and tendons, so you will be in less danger of damaging yourself on the playing field.

If you want to some articles about CrossFit (which includes a good amount of Olympic Lifting) and how professional, very well known athletes use it to keep them strong and in shape: Here is one about how high level athletes use CrossFit to get better at their respective sports. This one has a lot of U.S. Pro athletes…. including Charles Barkley.

5. Olympic Lifting will Improve your Mind-Body Connection.

If you have a desk job, it might feel like your body is something of an afterthought. Maybe you only really notice it when you feel that familiar tension in your back, or you find yourself getting out of breath on your way to the mailbox.
Maybe once you get moving, you’ve got a tendency to be somewhat accident prone, clumsy, awkward.

Enhancing and improving the ability of your mind and your muscles to work together is a secret benefit of Olympic Lifting that not many people know about going in. Some call it ‘flow.’ You know, that feeling when you’re moving and graceful and your body feels calm and under control, ready to do whatever you need? If you don’t know that feeling, can you imagine it?
Well that’s the feeling that Olympic Lifting helps cultivate.

Not bad, right? Great body, great long term results, and you get zen too? Sound too good to be true? It’s not.
It’s not too good to be true. It takes work. But it’s worth it. And if you’re interested, you should probably give it a try.

Still reading? Fantastic!

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