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Member Profile: Selim Ben Mrad

One member who has really grown since joining the gym is Selim Ben Mrad, known around Wildcat as Ben. Ben joined the gym last year and has gradually built both muscle and friendships within Wildcat’s walls. Recently I emailed Ben a few questions about his experience at Wildcat. Here are his responses.

1.) What brought you to Wildcat in the first place?

I have not planned to practice CrossFit specifically. My CrossFit journey started with pure hazard. I was tired from doing always the same gym routine alone, so I have decided to start checking out some alternative. I have started visited some martial arts gym and other types of workouts. Then, I have decided to join Wildcat CrossFit based on an emotional decision, mainly because I have liked the atmosphere, and the gym location. I cannot provide more details, I remember just that the decision was emotional, not rational.

2.) How has your experience at Wildcat effected your life so far?

I strongly consider that going to Wildcat CrossFit helped me to improve many area of my life. Obviously I am more fit physically and mentally, as a direct consequence of practicing moderate to high level consistent workouts.

Unexpectedly, I was also able to develop my interpersonal skills interacting with other people at that location. My self-esteem raised because I was able to make some physical progress, so I had more confidence to apply it to other area of my life like education and personal development.

Based on my experience, having more energy and workout consistently increased a lot my life quality, I am able to focus more, eat more and socialize more.

I think anyone will be able to benefit from regular moderate physical activities and decent nutrition. I would highly recommend a healthier lifestyle. There is direct correlation between happiness and health.

I think also even financially it was a beneficial decision. Assume I do not go to the gym, then I will go to a café or to a bar every afternoon or engage in other social activities. It will probably cost me on average 10 dollar a day *30, which will be a minimum of 300 dollar a month. Following this logic, having this regular activity help me to save money and make a better use of my time and money.

3.) What are your new goals?

I do not have any specific fitness goal. My fitness goal was to be just healthy and to start attending the advanced class in a two year period and to do some push up and pull up, I have achieved that in 6 or 7 months. I would say attending some amateur CrossFit competition will be a good future experience.

As personal goals, I would like to become vegetarian and improve my diet, but more for spiritual reason. Finishing my education, and embrace a career that I like would be my biggest personal goal for the next years.

My goals is just to be healthy to have a good life quality. Anyway, I would like to thank all the coaches and gym owners, they were supportive, polite, respectful, encouraging and nice with me. All the member also have a great behavior and they were also supportive. I feel pretty comfortable in that gym. I would say the gym atmosphere in general helped me to do some progress in fitness.


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