Meet Our Great WildKids Coach: Coach Baily!!!

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Jen Wirth | January 8, 2019 | no comments |

Meet Our Great WildKids Coach: Coach Baily!!!

Lately we caught up with Coach Baily and we asked her a few questions about Kids, Exercise, and Why she loves helping kids to exercise.
Here is what she had to say:

Question: Why is exercise important for kids?

Coach Baily:
It is important for children to be active in order to promote healthy growth and development. Kids who establish a healthy habits, including exercise, at a young age will carry them through with them for the rest of their lives. 

Question:  What made you want to be a Kids Coach?

Coach Baily:
I love working with kids! They are curious and full of energy. Every day and kid is different. It’s always an adventure! 

Question:  What is the most fun thing about working with kids?

Coach Baily:
They teach you so much and make you laugh A TON!!! 

Question:  What can kids learn from a cool fitness program like ours?

Coach Baily:
We will work on foundational movements, that will focus on their fine and gross motor skills which will be beneficial in other sports, activities, and school! We will work to pair all aspects of fitness with FUN! 

Question: Tell us a little about yourself 🙂

Coach Baily:
I am married to my handsome husband and we are parents of a new baby boy! I have my B.A. in religious studies and business as well as an early childhood teaching certificate. I got my CrossFit Level 1 training certificate in January. I love CrossFit and I love coaching! 

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