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Noah Providence | March 20, 2019 | no comments |

by Sorrel

Hey guys we kicked off our first week of yoga! Yay! I really hope to see more faces this upcoming week, even if you’re worried because either you’ve never done yoga before or it’s been awhile, all the more reason to get moving on your mat finding your own flow and yoga rhythm. There are many different aspects that comprise yoga going beyond the physical and meditative. In my Yoga class you’ll hear various Sanskrit terms, but one of my favorites is Lila. What is Lila? In basic terms, Lila means “divine play”. The richness to Lila comes about as a reminder to be playful and to invoke childlike characteristics of curiositylaughter, and fun creativity within your life.

The act of not taking oneself too seriously and simply enjoying life is great when implemented in your yoga practice as way of moving freely without judgement. The term Lila is particularly special right now because this upcoming week is the Spring Equinox and in India the Holi Festival or Festival of Colors. The Holi Festival is an ancient tradition that celebrates the arrival of spring and the passing of winter bringing about joy and a deep sense of being alive. In yoga we get a chance to explore this side of ourselves by playing on our mats with movement and breath. Come practice yoga with me and discover a richer sense of awareness of how we move through our day-to-day lives. Remember to find that sweet and playful goodness on and off of your mat.

Yoga is Wednesdays at 6:30pm and Sundays at 10:45. $8/members, $10/non-members

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