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Noah Providence | December 3, 2018 | no comments |

It’s Personal
by Noah Providence

The study of nutrition has been a fascination- a passion of mine for a long, long time. There’s a very personal component to my interest, beyond my own health. It goes back more than 30 years to a health crisis my grandfather had. One that eventually led to his passing. His doctors determined that he had a partial blockage of the carotid arteries. These are the main blood vessels in the neck that supply blood to the brain. This type of blockage can lead to stroke, which other men in his family had suffered. They encouraged a risky surgery to clear the blockage. It was not successful and left him impaired. He did recover some over time, but never got back to his previous vigor and clarity.

This experience had a lasting impact on me. The blockages in his blood vessels were caused by diet, his doctor said. The prevailing wisdom at the time suggested that high cholesterol was the culprit. This sent me on a journey of trying to find out what was possible with food choices to protect us from disease. I became a student of nutrition and metabolism. I had a background in teaching in the medical field, so interpreting and dissecting research papers was something I was already used to doing. Most of the research at the time, supported this low-fat approach. So, off into a decade of veganism I went. I sprouted, fermented, slow cooked, ate a lifetime supply of soy products, and lived the vegan lifestyle. Coming from the standard american diet, this approach had some benefits-initially. But then, I got thinner, and thinner. I began to lose muscle mass, my skin became dry, my joints began to hurt, my energy level was low and I had miserable seasonal allergies. This experience is common but rarely talked about among long-term vegans/vegetarians.

During this time, research data and clinical experience began to suggest that going low-fat to solve the heart disease/vascular blockage epidemic was a vast oversimplification. In fact, it was often counterproductive. So, I integrated the latest research and results from my own 10 year experiment into a new approach for myself. I began integrating some animal fats and protein back into my diet. Adopting a nutritional philosophy/approach that was more consistent with our evolutionary history. More consistent with my deeper understanding of biochemistry and metabolism. My health and vitality immediately began to improve.

My nutritional approach can be characterized as Paleo. Paleo nutrition is simple and inclusive. Eat foods that have high nutritional value while avoiding food toxins and gut irritants. It’s that simple. Many people have the misconception that eating paleo means eating large quantities of meat, and while it certainly could, it doesn’t have to. It’s simply healthy, whole foods. The last 10 years of Paleo eating has had just the opposite effects of the vegan decade. I’m now more muscular, stronger and feel better than ever. My success with this approach is not unique and over the years I’ve helped hundreds of people adopt a healthier, more sustainable eating plan. Around the world, millions of people have lost weight, improved their energy levels and reversed disease by returning to this natural diet. You can do it too.

I’m ready to help you implement an eating plan to support the body and life you want. If you’re ready to start or would like to discuss the possibilities, schedule a free consultation.

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