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Cara Silverstein | June 1, 2016 | no comments |

Before I joined Wildcat, my impression of CrossFit was that it was all about strength training, all about heavy lifting.  To my surprise, my first WOD at Wildcat CrossFit happened to be the first day of a 5 week ‘Endurance’ cycle.  It was really cardio intensive and the workouts that followed for the next 5 weeks were all really pretty exhausting.  After a while, I forgot that we were in Endurance mode and I just figured I was wrong – this must be what CrossFit is all about – exhaustion.

When I came in last week to find out that we were starting a ‘Strength’ cycle, a lightbulb went off in my head. “Oh! It’s not just about exhaustion, I get to do some heavy lifting!”  heavy lifting

I am digging it.  Really digging it.  I feel like this is what I joined a CrossFit box for, to get stronger.  I’m not saying that endurance isn’t important, I’m sure it is.  I’m also fairly sure that next time an endurance cycle comes around I’ll do better than I did last time.  Its all important, I know that.

But this, right now, this strength training.  This is where I feel like I’ll be able to see results, see progress, see my strength improving.  This is what gets me excited.  This heavy lifting – it makes me feel like I can do anything, and I’ve only just begun.

The workout out this morning included shoulder presses, push presses and deadlifts.  Now that I’m doing these more regularly, I don’t have to fiddle around with a starting weight.  I’m comfortable and confident in my base ability and I can really use the time to push myself forward.  I find that instead of dreading the next class, I’m looking forward to what I can do next time.

This morning I noticed that I continue to be impressed with the people around me in class.  When I see people who’ve been doing this for years, I’m inspired by how heavy they can lift and I aspire to grow my ability.  And when there are people in class who are just starting out like me, I’m inspired at the determination that I see.  No matter where we are in ability, we’re all there for the same reason – to improve, to push harder, to do that heavy lifting and love it.

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