Happy Anniversary, Yvonne! One Year at Wildcat CrossFit!

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Happy Anniversary, Yvonne! One Year at Wildcat CrossFit!!

‘What a difference a year makes!’

by, Yvonne Moreno

What a difference a year makes!  Saturday June 23, 2018 marked my one year anniversary at Wildcat CrossFit.

It marks the first time ever that I’ve stuck to something for longer than 3 months.  The first time that I’ve completely devoted myself to anything that had to do with getting healthy and staying healthy.

In one year, CrossFit changed my life in so many ways. I haven’t had an amazing physical transformation and lost 100 pounds, but I have changed the way I live my life.  The way I think, the way I look at myself, and most importantly, my attitude have changed.

I have lost some weight, but the important part is that I’ve gained strength.  Strength in my arms, my legs, my back, and my soul.  My soul is stronger because it believes in me when a year ago no part of me believed in myself.  A year ago nothing I did to get healthier made me feel like I feel about myself today.  I look in the mirror and see my body changing in ways I never imagined.  This is what one year of CrossFit has done for me.

It was Friday June 23, 2017 when I sat in my car outside of Wildcat CrossFit for a full 20 minutes contemplating leaving and never look back.  That would have been one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

It’s been a year of ups and downs, but I wouldn’t have changed one single moment of it, (Okay, maybe I would totally eliminate bear crawls from history and never speak of them again. Alas, we can’t turn back time and therefore we must do what we have to do to get through those bear crawls.)

I’ve tried and failed at many things, but I’ve tried them and that’s my win.  I’ve learned a lot about my body and what I am capable of, and what I still need to work at.  I’ve learned that my strength is in my legs and thighs.  I’ve learned that these arms of mine can do more than just write, they can lift dumbbells and kettlebells high in the air, they can hold me up in a plank and lift me to the ring when doing ring rows.  I’ve learned my core is stronger than I ever thought it could be and somewhere under all that mushy stuff are muscle waiting to see the light.

I started at 318 pounds.  Yes, you read that number right.  I weighed over 300 pounds and couldn’t lift more then 35 pounds over my head.  I couldn’t run more than a few feet, if that.  I couldn’t jump high enough to get the rope under my feet to jump rope.  I couldn’t step up higher than a basic green box, which I believe is around 12 inches high.  I couldn’t row more than 200 meters before stopping to catch my breath.  There’s a lot of “I couldn’ts” that I didn’t mention, but the list of things I can do now is far greater than the list of things I couldn’t do then.

“I can jump, run, row, lift, and most of all I can feel proud of myself each and every time I walk out of the gym.”

I now weigh in at 287 pounds.  Not a big weight loss, but I’ve gained so much muscle that I don’t give that number any importance.  I can back squat 200 pounds.  My front Squat is at 120 pounds and probably more now.  My dead lift PR is at 180 pounds.  I can run a consistent 200 meters without stopping and 400 meters with minimal walking breaks.  I can jump rope, go back and read that again, I CAN JUMP ROPE!

I can row 1000 meters without stopping. I had to do it, that’s how I know.  I can carry two 26 pound kettle bells on a 400 meter farmers carry.  I can power clean 75 pounds (when I started I used an empty bar).  I can jump, run, row, lift, and most of all I can feel proud of myself each and every time I walk out of the gym.

I am doing what most people are afraid to try.  I am a CrossFit athlete.  I will forever be grateful for this opportunity and the chance to work with such a beautiful, determined, and over all bad ass group of people.  We truly hold each other up.

My very first WOD was the following;

5 Rounds
3 Overhead Squats
5 T-Spine Rotations
10 PVC PassThrus

21,15,9 For Time

Double KB Front Squat
Wall Balls
100 DU

The first day I walked in,  they had me doing an overhead squat and I almost ran out the door.  I grabbed a training bar and two 10’s and gave it a whirl.  It was so heavy, but I didn’t give up. It took me a good while to keep that bar overhead without losing my arm strength.  I’m sure from the outside looking in, I was a mess and my squats were barely a bend in the knee, but the point is that I stuck with it.

For the first time in my life, I was doing something way out of my comfort zone.  I used 8k KB for my front squat and I remember feeling like I was going to pass out.  I ended up with a decent time coming in at 10:30.  I left that day knowing that I would be back.  I didn’t know how long it would last and never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would still be here a year later, but I knew I’d be back.

I want to thank everyone at Wildcat CrossFit for being a part of my journey.  From the owners, to the coaches to the great many friends I’ve made at the gym, there is no other place I’d rather be then squatting, snatching and running with you.

My journey is far from over.  It’s a lifetime commitment to myself and my body.  I smile when I walk in and I smile when I leave.  The gym is my safe place where I can win and I can fail and there is no judgement and there’s always someone to fist bump me on a job well done.  I’m not anywhere near being done.  It’s the first year of many more to come.  Thank you for coming on this ride with me.  I appreciate all the love and support I’ve received from everyone.

Much love and respect, Yvonne.

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  • selim ben mrad says:

    Good job Ivonne, I am impressed by your progress.
    you are probably a model of someone who does a lot of progress in very short period of time.
    Hope you success, and hope you continue in the direction of growth. Probably your kid also will benefit from your health and mental improvement.

    Selim Ben Mrad

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