Get Your Body in Shape this Holiday Season with 4 Key Ingredients.

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Jen Wirth | December 20, 2018 | no comments |

Seasons Greetings!!!

You Can Get in shape for the holidays!
You can Stay in shape through the holidays!
Yes, I said it. And It is possible!

But there is only one week left ‘till Christmas, you say.
But there are only two weeks left until New Years, you say.
How could I possibly ‘get in shape’ for the holidays?
I’d have to be a Superhero!


No you don’t, I say.
The reason you can – and should – start getting in shape right now is this:

Getting in shape is an ongoing process! (So why not start … now!)

Ongoing includes … the holidays!
People who work out tomorrow are getting in shape… again tomorrow.
Consistent athletes are on the road to peak fitness. The road just keeps going.
And ideally, so do you;-)

If you want to get your body into peak condition, you just need to get on the road and start heading in that direction.
Why not get on the road, today?

What are the benefits to coming in to exercise right now? Today?
Let’s talk about some of the main things your human body needs to operate correctly on a daily basis:

In order to operate correctly, your body needs good food, with good ingredients your body can use to build muscle cells and other important cells and molecules.
Your body needs rest, at least several hours every night. During this time your body does important work: It repairs damaged tissues best during this time. Your body also uses this time to pull energy out of our food. This means no all-nighters. I get it, you’re busy. Everybody’s busy. Leave something unfinished and : go to bed.

Your body needs water. Want to know why water is so important? We use water to regulate our body temp – this is a major function of sweating, to cool our bodies off. And it works particularly great down here in the desert! We also use water to do nearly every single biochemical reaction inside the body. Water keeps our blood flowing and helps us get rid of wastes (via both sweating and peeing). Coffee is not water. Drink some water also.

And your body needs exercise. Exercise greases the wheels. When you move your muscles you squeeze waste molecules out of them into the blood stream. Increased circulation (thanks increased heart rate!) helps your body transport wastes to the kidneys where they then get flushed out of your body more easily. Faster blood flow also helps transport nutrients throughout the body more easily to the cells that need them.

Exercise releases hormones that make you happy. It also helps you to fall asleep easier and rest more deeply. It helps you drink more water and makes your body crave healthier food.

What’s more, exercise gives you that happy feeling of accomplishment for the whole rest of the day. That gift you give yourself … the gift that nobody else can give you.

This is what the kids these days are calling —> Self Care.

Wildcat Coach-in-Training Jeremiah leads the morning crew in some rotator cuff (shoulder) stretches.

Self Care is not just massages and bubble baths.

It means really doing the things you need to do to take care of your body: Water, Nutritious Food, Rest, Exercise. All are equally important ingredients for good health.

Also remember this: If you don’t have a lot of time, a compact one-hour full-body CrossFit workout will get you where you need to go, faster.

Faster results are good. They keep things interesting.

So, burn off that extra sugar you had today at the office party…
Sweat a little. Breathe deep. Feel your muscles…
Get a break from your busy mind…
Laugh. Smile and connect to other human beings…
That’s what it means to ‘get in shape.’ And you can do it.

Do it today.

I look forward to sweating it out next to you very soon!

Coach Jen, RN



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