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5 Rounds:
5 Hang Power Cleans
Immediately into;
5 Bench Press
Immediately into;
400m Run

Rest 2min. between each round.

*The weights are meant to be as heavy as possible while remaining unbroken. No dropping the barbell during HPC or racking during BP (unless you think you will fail, then reduced weight). Run quickly, but at a repeatable pace – think 85% effort on the runs. It is very important to have days like these in the gym. You can’t be going HAM sandwich every single day. Yes the weights will get relatively heavy but the reps are minimal and you should be getting plenty of rest. Enjoy yourself and please focus on moving well.

Enter sum of HPC + BP weight for LIGHTEST round! Basically start at a challenging weight and try to stick to it!


f you have left over time after part A please complete this little piece below:

3-4 Rounds of “Bring Sexy Back”:
12 DB Skull-Crushers (8-30lb) in each hand depending on strength
Immediately into;
1min. of Max Effort Double-Unders (scale to Single-Unders if necessary)
Rest 90sec.

*Coach will demonstrate Skull-Crushers for class. Lying prone on a bench or on the floor. Press two DB up straight into the air. Relax triceps and allow weight to fall towards the ground (control the eccentric phase – please to do not literally crush your skull here lol). Then contract your triceps returning to full extension for one rep. Repeat until massive arm pump appears 🙂

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