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Jen Wirth | May 3, 2018 | 1 comment |

How did the EatSmart Challenge Team do?
EatSmart Profiles in Awesomeness (Pt. 1)

by, Coach Jen, RN

Results are coming in from EatSmart Challenge Team #1. As expected, people are seeing improvements. This week, we’re spotlighting awesome team member, Raelene.

“I realized in week two that I was changing my lifestyle,” Raelene reflects. With an initial goal of weight loss, the challenge has been an ongoing success. Since Raelene started the challenge, the scale has changed in the right direction by nearly 12 pounds, and she’s lost 5 inches in total body measurements. She has also noticed an increase in her energy level. “I don’t need naps like I used to,” she says.

Most nutrition programs expect individuals to make several dietary changes from day one. This can seem drastic and stressful to many people. The EatSmart program is geared towards helping you build a lasting healthy pattern into your life.

“The gradual approach was perfect,” Raelene says, describing the EatSmart Nutrition program. “There wasn’t so much pressure. You only had to focus on one thing at a time.”

Are you interested? Eat Smart Group Challenges are run a few times per year. But you can participate in the challenge on your own. Dialing in your nutrition is by far the best way of getting you heading in the direction of your goals, whatever they are. Click here to make an appointment for a Nutrition consult and find out how Wildcat nutrition coaches can support you in reaching your goals even faster.

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