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Get your nutrition dialed in. Lose weight, feel great, and develop new, sustainable eating habits.   Click Here To Register

This step by step nutrition plan will jump start your metabolism and turn you into a fat burning machine.

Challenge begins with a group kick-off meeting explaining the program and the goals for Week 1.

This Program Includes:

  •  Group kick-off meeting
  • Personal Biometric Testing. Body Composition. Weight. Measurements
  • Goal Setting
  • Membership in our private FaceBook Eat Smart group page
  • Step by step instruction and support
  • Weekly videos detailing the challenge for the week
  • Recipes
  • Video cooking demos
  • Tons of support and supplemental content
  • Ongoing Q & A and support via our interactive FB page
  • One on one wrap up meeting to retest Biometrics-body comp, weight, measurements


When: Saturday June 30th 11am (kick-off meeting, biometric testing and goal setting)

Where: Wildcat CrossFit

Cost: $149 (Member) $199 (Non-members)

Click Here To Register

Details: The nutritional plan presented draws its core principles from a paleo or evolutionary perspective on diet. Simply stated its that our digestive, metabolic and immune systems will perform optimally when we eat from a spectrum of foods consistent with our evolutionary history. Reduce inflammation, improve immune function, enjoy greater levels of energy, achieve a lean strong body and greatly reduce hunger levels by becoming efficient at burning fat for fuel.

The menu for this plan consists of delicious satisfying foods and no calorie counting. Step by step guidance including recipes and cooking demos are provided to easily and enjoyably transition to this sustainable way of eating.

Jennifer Providence BS, MAcOM, LAc, Jennifer Wirth MSN, RN, and Noah Providence RT, PTP.

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