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Special CrossFit Open Blog

By, Yvonne Moreno

Hey guys it’s been a while.  I’ve been busy working, raising a small human, and of course working out.

I’ve got to tell you that it’s super cool that people I haven’t seen in a while look at me and say how great I am looking.  I’m so humbled by the support I receive.  I’m getting ready to start the nutrition program here at Wildcat CrossFit and I can’t wait to bring you on that ride with me. 

We are in the thick of the CrossFit Open!  I first learned about the open this past December when someone asked if I was going to register.  I had no idea what the Open was and what all the hype was, so I did what I always do when I don’t understand something, I put my research hat on and dug in.

The CrossFit Games first started in 2007 on a ranch in Aromas, California.  At first, participation was open to anyone who showed up to the location.  A few years later in 2011, the CrossFit Open was born.  It became the first step to participate in The Games.

The Open allows anyone to participate and is held over a five week period.  During these five weeks a new workout is announced – one each week on Thursdays  – and competitors have until Monday evening to complete the WOD for judging.

Each competitor is placed in one of the 18 regions according to your box location.  You compete against everyone in your region and the top 10-30 competitors in each region then advances to Regionals.  The top athletes moving on from the Regionals advance to the CrossFit Games, which are held over three days in the summer.

This is my first year crossfitting during the Open and the excitement is contagious.  We all gather around the monitor on Thursday nights to hear what the next WOD will be.  People stand around guessing and making bets and then the announcement is made and work mode starts.  You can hear the murmurs of how each person thinks they are going to score.  It’s super exciting and I love the vibes that everyone has.

We are on week 4 and already our athletes are killing it.  Here’s the thing with CrossFit, even if you complete the scaled version of the WOD, it’s badass!

You have to have tried CrossFit to know how bad ass it is. And to know that somewhere across the world someone is completing against you and trying their very best to just not give up, that’s pretty bad ass too.

You have to have put in the work week in and week out to know what these athletes go through.  I am in awe of my peers and I can’t wait to register next year and share in the excitement.  I am so proud of everyone participating in the Open and all I can say it, watch out for me next year.  The following are the first three weeks of Open WODs.  Try it, I dare you!


20 Minute AMRAP
8 Toes to Bar
10 Dumbell Hang Clean & Jerks (Men 50lb/Women 35lb)
14 Calorie Row


1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Reps for time
Dumbell Squats (Men 50lb/Women 35lb)
Bar-Facing Burpees


1 Rep Max Clean
12 Minutes to complete both 18.1 & 18.1a


2 Rounds for Time
100 Double-unders
20 Overhead Squats
100 Double-unders
12 Ring Muscle Ups
100 Double-unders
20 Dumbbell Snatches
100 Double-unders
12 Bar Muscle-ups



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