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More Adventures in CrossFit, March 19-22, 2018
by, Yvonne Moreno

Monday March 19, 2018

Today was all about block work using dumbbells.  I’m guessing that the purpose of these blocks is to get us to pace ourselves and make sure that we maintain the same time or within the same range.  This has been the theme as of late.  Today’s WOD consisted of the following:

3 Blocks of 8 Rounds with 2 minutes rest between each block
First Block
8 Rounds
30 seconds Max Rep DB Hang Power Cleans
30 seconds Rest

Second Round
8 Rounds
30 seconds Max Rep DB Push Jerks
30 seconds Rest

Third Round
8 Rounds
30 seconds Max Rep DB Thrusters
30 seconds Rest

Ok, so after completing this WOD, tired wasn’t the right word.  I did not think that I would be exhausted and that my arms would be that sore.  I felt it all through my shoulders and biceps.  I pushed myself with each block and maintained about the same reps on each block.

I tend to be working on my form more and more each class.  I used want to be faster and now I appreciate proper form.  My Power Cleans can get heavier and my Push Jerk could use some work, but I completed with a decent time coming in at 196 reps.  It was nice to see that I’m getting better and better each day.  I’m slowly learning to appreciate what my body is capable of.

Tuesday March 20, 2018

Holy Bouncing High Pull Batman!  Today I learned how to bruise my hips, but in a good way.  I’d never worked on bouncing Power Cleans or High Pulls before so when I saw these listed I had to go watch a video to better inform myself.  It looked sort of the way I do some Power Cleans sometimes when I’m getting fatigued. Imagine my surprise when I heard it was an actual thing.  Today’s WOD consisted of the following;

B. Every Minute for 8 Minutes
3 Bar to Hip Bouncing High Pull Ups
3 Bouncing Hang Power Cleans

C. Bouncing Power Cleans  5X3

D. 8 Minute AMRAP
5x Hang Power Cleans
4x Push Jerks
3x Bar Facing Burpees

Ok, so to explain the bouncing Power Clean, you start at a Hang Power Clean and bounce it off your hips every time you complete one.  You are sort of launching the bar back up into a Clean.  I really liked these and found that they were fairly easy to do, not in a high quantity, but it’s nice to know that I can do these.  I ended up at 6 reps for the AMRAP, which I think wasn’t too bad as it looks like the range was from 6-10 reps.

March 22, 2018

The Grind seems to be the pattern lately.  Today we worked on Power Snatches.  The Power Snatch is when you snatch the bar overhead.  You have to get under the bar quickly and for these your grip on the bar has to be wide.  You have to use less weight then you are used to because these can get a bit tricky.  If you find that you’re losing your balance when snatching you need to use lower weight, which is what happened in my case.
We also worked on pull ups and box jumps.  I’ve started using a regular box a while back. My box jump is a step up and not a jump, but it’s progress.  Today’s workout was the following;

3 Ten Minute grinds with 5 minutes rest between

3x Power Snatch
6x Pull Ups/Ring Rows
9x Box Jumps

Ok, so as I said before, if you are losing your balance you need to reduce the weight.
I had trouble remembering that I needed to have a wider grip on the bar.  I think I got the hang of it by the second grind.  It was a hard one because after the first grind, those five minutes were almost too much. My body was thinking, “We’re done!”
We weren’t done and in the end I was truly exhausted.  I thought I knew what exhausted was before, but boy was I wrong.  I’ve got to say that I really do enjoy grinds however 10 minute ones snatching weight over your head was a bit much!  I did it though!

Listen folks I’m coming up on my 41st birthday and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would be a crossfitter at any age much less at this age.  Boy am I glad I listened to Jen that one day back in June when she said, “Hey why don’t you come to my gym?”  Here’s to another 41, at the very least!!

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