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Here are a few testimonials from recent clients:

“Great, dedicated owners. Friendly and spirited, but not competitive atmosphere. Fun music and good equipment. Varied workouts. Excellent warm ups and cool downs. Love this place!”
Brooke A Finley

“Absolutely the best. Dedicated and knowledgeable staff are great. This place and the whole philosophy of the workouts really help break through the doldrum of every day workouts or the LA Fitness mill types of gyms. Very supportive and unassuming atmosphere. Top Scores, all the way!”
IX Mendoza

“Wildcat Crossfit has been my gym for 2 years now and it will always be my gym as long as I am in Tucson.
The coaches are attentive and nurturing, and deliver carefully planned programming. The other members of the gym are supportive and only add to the welcoming atmosphere. The gym itself is housed in the eclectic Lost Barrio neighborhood, and the coaches/owners of the gym have maintained this neat aesthetic with the gym’s overall look.
When I first started crossfit, I was only a runner and did very little strength training. Now I feel stronger throughout, am more knowledgeable about my movement patterns, areas of strength and weakness, and am a more competitive runner.
I am very grateful for the wonderful experience I have had at Wildcat Crossfit!”
Noelle Marie S.

“Bottom line–since we joined this gym, my boyfriend and I have lost 20 pounds EACH! We’re wearing clothes that haven’t fit in years, looking younger and trimmer than ever, and we’re still losing weight and building muscle. It takes less than 3 hours a week. If you’re ready to do the work, this is the place! Great, individualized instruction, a supportive atmosphere. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to do it. We were in sad shape when we walked through the door. Neither of us are gym or exercise people. We were just tired of being overweight and out of shape. It can be hard work, but it gets results. Having friendly, smart, encouraging trainers is a great motivator. Plus, the people you work out with are great. Everyone helps everyone out and it’s a real community.”
Monica F.

“It’s hell, but the good kind of hell.

Wildcat CrossFit is the best. They are great at pushing you and motivating you. Mainly because they work so hard on getting to know their members on a personal level. The workouts are hard and always new, the music is good, and the gym has nice a atmosphere.”
James C.

“As an ex-collegiate athlete I was starving for a way to break the repetitive training cycle I was stuck in for several years. I had heard about CrossFit from a coworker and we were going through WODs together when we could, but mostly by ourselves at Globo Gym X. When I started my membership, I had little exposure to everything CrossFit except for following the scaled WODs posted on the CrossFit mainsite. I could do 10 consecutive pull ups (which I was very proud of) and I honestly didn’t know many of the 7 core lifts by name except the deadlift. With all your help I am a much more confident and well educated CrossFitter. After the first couple months at the gym I got stronger, faster, and more physically prepared for life than I ever would have imagined. I was able to hike the Grand Canyon last April rim to rim in a day with no issues (an absolute testament to the merits of training at Wildcat CrossFit). You all helped me to meet fitness goals that I never would have dreamed of until I joined Wildcat.”
Tim G.

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