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Wildcat Yoga classes include  asanas (poses) and meditative opportunities. Throughout your entire 60-minute practice there will be a focus on breathing elements that bring about a flow and a deeper sense of awareness, connecting mind, body, and breath. Each class I will choose different poses and breathing techniques to not only provide a fun class that is always new, but also to best serve the needs of each individual. Classes will start slow, warming our bodies and progress to match movement with breath. Then, once we reach a peak or multiple peaks we will slow back down again leading into our beloved savasana (our resting corpse pose). Some classes will consist of holding poses for longer lengths of time while others will be more flowy and be comprised of shorter holds. Generally each class will be a fusion of pauses and movement, always matching inhalation and exhalation. After practice, you can expect to feel more balanced and relaxed, have a calmer more grounded mind, and an alignment of body, mind and emotions. You’ll leave filled with a sense of gratitude for your body and your breath.

Yoga with Sorrel

Wednesdays at 6:30pm
Sundays at 10:45am
$8/class for members
$10/class for non-members


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