Meet Jared, our new Facilities Maintenance Manager!

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Jen Wirth | June 21, 2018 | 2 comments |

  What’s New at Wildcat? Meet Jared Wellman, our new Facilities Maintenance Manager!

Meet Jared! Wildcat’s newest staff addition! Jared is currently working a few hours each week at Wildcat as our Facilities Maintenance Manager. Over the next several months, he will be working closely with Coach Noah and learning the Ins and Outs of caring for and maintaining our historic, unique gym space.

Just this last week, Jared cleaned the aquarium, made sure the rowers were ready to go on last Friday’s heavy Row day…and sorted out our Kettlebells once and for all!

You might be thinking, Hey, this guy looks familiar!

You’re right!

Jared is a longtime Wildcat member along with his wife, Coach Baily! Welcome aboard, Jared!


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