Turkish Get-Ups, Curtis-P’s and Front Squat PRs – More Adventures in CrossFit, Nov 13-17 With Newbie Blogger Yvonne!

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Turkish Get-Ups, Curtis-P’s and Front Squat PRs – More Adventures in CrossFit, Nov 13-17 With Newbie Blogger Yvonne!

by, Yvonne Moreno

Monday November 13, 2017

Last week just about killed me both mentally and physically, so I am starting this week on a positive note. I decided that whatever this week brings, I will smile and try my hardest.  Today, I met my old friend, the Overhead Squat.  The last time I did these I wasn’t putting that much weight on the bar. Lately, I’ve been making sure that I push myself.

Today’s WOD included Thrusters and Overhead Squats, and it was a long one.  On the menu today was the following:

For Time:

10x Overhead Squats
10x Burpee Box Jump Overs
10x Thrusters
10x Toes to Bar (or leg raises)
10x Deadlifts
10x Toes to Bar (or leg raises)
10x Thrusters
10x Burpee Box Jump Overs
10x Overhead Squats

Ok guys, today was hard.  It doesn’t seem like it’s hard, but by the time you hit the Deadlifts, man it gets hard.  I was at 85lbs for the Squats and Thrusters and I used the work around for my burpees. I was exhausted after it was all over, but I finished.

Remember guys, if there is something you can’t do there is always a work around.  My work around for the burpees are to use a bench to do a vertical push up with a jump.  The movements themselves are not hard, it’s the more of quantity of rounds. My movements may not be pretty and sometimes it worries me that I might not be benefiting from the movement because I am just trying to finish. This is something that I have to work on.  I mean, at times I really don’t care if I finish in a decent time frame, but sometimes that competitiveness that we all have gets the better of me!!! Lol  

Tuesday November 14, 2017

Turkish Get Ups Anyone???  I don’t think that I’ve ever heard anyone say, “Turkish Get Ups are my favorite!!”  You’ll never hear me say it, that’s for sure, but let me tell you why.  I am a big girl and trying to get up off the floor without using some kind of support is nearly impossible, and then you want me to do it with a kettlebell in one hand?  Are you NUTS??? 

Ok for those of you that need a picture painted, here you go…

 turkish getup

Image source: https://www.ahealthiermichigan.org/2011/01/06/turkish-get-up/Today’s WOD consisted of:

5 Rounds for time of:
30 KB Swings

4 Rounds
10 V Ups
1 minute plank

 To start, I did what I always do when I can’t quite do what is asked of me, Turkish Get Ups for example; I told Drew, “No, just no!”   He promised he’d help me when it came to it, and help me he did.  He suggested I use some dumb bells to help me up off the floor and he assured me that it was ok to use my hand to help me.  Having something to hold on to made it possible for me to do the GET UP  part of the TGU.  Drew had faith in me when I didn’t have it in myself.  I was all ready to not do the TGU, but he wasn’t having it.  It was ugly and it was cheating a little, but I got through it and someday soon I’ll be able to do these without the extra help!  I promise you that!!

Thursday November 16, 2017

Another day, another new experience for me.  The Curtis P!  I’ve seen it before, but I don’t think I’ve ever done this one.  It’s a series of movements starting with a Hang Squat Clean, Lunge one leg, then the other, and then a Push Press.  Coach Ryan took us through the process, step by step, which was really helpful because, separately, all of these movements are easy, but when you have to put them all together it can get kind of hard.

Today’s WOD:


I got through these rounds fairly well, but I was so tired in the end.  At first, the 2 minute rest between was awesome. I almost thought it was too much time, but nope it wasn’t. By the last round, the rest was very welcomed.  When I see a long rest in between I always tend to think it’s almost too much, because the last thing I want is for my body to rest. I’ve learned, these coaches know what they are doing, because by the time it’s over, man, you’re are definitely feeling every bit of the workout. 

It always a good day here, but when you get to learn something new it’s an extra good day!!! 

Friday November 17, 2017

Happy Fri-yay!!  Are you ready for some Front Squats???  Because today we have a whole lot of them!  Last time I did these I think I got to 100 pounds.  Not bad!!  Today’s WOD was:

I started off with a nice little  Front Squat practice and I went to 100 pounds, which was pretty hard.  I did 110 pounds. It was almost too much, but I just wanted to push it, and tried another five pounds. And I made it almost all the way down, but had to come back up before got totally to the bottom.  Now, I don’t consider this a PR, because it was barely a squat, but according to Ryan and Jen it was, so there you have it.  I did the WOD at 85 pounds which is of course 85% of my awesome 100 pound squat. 

It was a nice way to end my work week.  I did really well tonight, it’s a lot that I need to work on. That list keeps getting longer, but that just means I have to work harder.  Lots of changes, but good positive changes.  I hope everyone reading this gives CrossFit a try, because it’s a life changer!  Extra special thanks to the coaches this week.  I came in saying, “No, I can’t,” and left here saying, “absolutely, I can!”

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