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Noah Providence | February 1, 2019 | no comments |

So what’s the big deal with fish oil? This simple supplement has a wide range of powerful benefits. Here are the big 3.

1. Build More Lean Muscle

Adequate protein is essential for muscle repair, but we also need that protein to get broken down and absorbed efficiently. Without this mechanism in place, you might as well be pouring that expensive post-workout shake down the drain.

How do you make sure the protein is going where it’s needed and doing its muscle repair magic? There’s strong evidence to suggest that fish oils can help here. Omega-3,  fatty acids, like fish oil, help promote efficient protein synthesis—that is, the process of using amino acid “building blocks” to repair the micro-tears that occur in muscles as a result of exercise. In other words, when you combine exercise, protein and the miraculous omega 3s, you can not only build lean muscle and get shredded faster, but the effects of your workout extend long after you’ve put the weights down.

2. Lose Weight

If you’re looking to shed excess fat and get lean, adding more fat into your diet might feel, well, kind of counterintuitive. However, multiple studies show that as far as weight loss is concerned, fish oils and exercise have a strong synergistic relationship.

As an added bonus, omega-3s can also help increase fat burning in muscles and inhibit fat storage by enhancing insulin sensitivity. Insulin resistance is a bad, bad thing because it encourages the body to hold on to fat, especially at times when you happen eat too much.

The good news is that upping your omega-3 intake can reduce insulin resistance, so that when you do scarf some extra calories, the resulting blood sugar spike doesn’t go straight to your waistline. Fish oils are similarly reported to control hunger and curb cravings: when you feel fuller for longer, there’s less tendency to graze on random treats between meals.

3. Maintain Overall Health

Fish oils are well-known for their power to enhance cognitive abilities, helping you to stay sharp and focused in your training (as well as the other, non-box areas of your life). Just some of the benefits include a strong immune system, a healthy heart, and efficient cell function, all things you need in order to stay healthy and active for the long haul.

When it comes to exercise, though, you’d be hard pressed to overstate the importance of fish oils and their role in tissue repair. Overtraining and under-recovery are unsustainable states; at best, they cause you to plateau in your training, at worst, they lead to burnout and serious hormonal imbalances.

So how much omega-3 should you be getting for maximum benefits? 3,000 mg of long-chain omega-3 (EPA and DHA) for physically active people is a good place to start. It can be difficult to get all of your intake from fish alone, however.  Most people don’t eat oily fish every single day, are averse to the strong taste, or have reservations about possible contaminants. Supplementation is the answer. Personally, I take around 4,000mg/day in liquid form and have had greatly reduced muscle soreness and improved recovery time. If you’d like to talk nutrition specifics or find out how to get started with CrossFit, click the link below.


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