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Congratulations to the very first EatSmart Challenge Team! (4/20/2018)

We are so proud of our very first EatSmart Challenge Team! This group did fantastic !

They approached each weekly challenge with an open mind and supported on another along the way! Our goal is to help people learn to feed themselves in the best possible way to reach their health, asthetic, and performance goals. We teach you how to choose foods that will feed your body, and we take it one step at a time so that the changes you make are gradual, and sustainable, over time.

Check out the great foods that the EatSmart Team has been uploading to our private Facebook page throughout the 5 Week Challenge! Tasty!!!

Yvonne’s EatSmart 5 Week Challenge Update: (4/20/2018)

April 17, 2018

Yvonne’s EatSmart 5 Week Challenge Update:

by, Yvonne Moreno

I’ve been participating in the EatSmart Challenge here at Wildcat CrossFit.  We are in our last week, and I’ve learned a few things about myself during these past five weeks.   Some of these things I sort of knew, but wasn’t sure about. Others are completely new to me. 

In terms of nutrition, I’ve learned to embrace foods that have always been taboo to me.  Things like butter!  The real stuff, not the $0.99 tub of the I Can’t Believe stuff.  Real butter is delicious and as it turns out, I can eat as much as I want.  I’ve learned to love veggies in every way possible.  Cauliflower garlic bread is now a staple in my home.  I cleaned out the Safeway of riced cauliflower in a bag!

I’ve also learned a lot about myself and my attitude towards food.  It should come as no big surprise that my relationship with food is not a healthy one as I am “obese”, which is a word I hate but it’s the clinical term for me or rather, people that weigh as much as I do.  That is my box, the one marked OBESE.. 

This is where the emotional side of what I’ve learned about myself comes in.  I’ve always known that I was an emotional eater, and have always been able to turn it off, or so I thought.  These weeks I’ve learned that with all the support I’ve received from my fellow group members, come awesome results.  I’ve been super excited to make these awesome healthy meals and then post them online along with everyone else. 

It’s so great to see that everyone is trying their best. 

Then come weeks like these past two…

I’ve kept on course, but I’ve realized that I’m itching like a junkie for a hamburger. After I had a day where my boss basically called me an idiot for something that was completely out of my control, all I want to do was cry and eat everything that makes me feel better.  I wanted the comfort of a hamburger and fries and a piece of chocolate cake… because those things are delicious and if they are delicious then they will make me happy and happy is lot better than sad and angry. 

There is no one there to comfort me because I keep all those thoughts to myself because I am the obese one and that is what society expects to come out of my mouth.  You see where I am going here?  I have not yet learned the real lesson. 

I know the lesson, I can talk to someone about the lesson, but I myself have not learned it.  On the outside I am a girl trying to right wrongs that have been wrong for a long time. On the inside, I am playing a dangerous game of tug of war.  I guess I am learning a little bit since like any other addict, I know what the problem is. 

This challenge has helped me realize that while fixing what I am putting into my body is a first step, the next step is fixing what I am feeling about my body.  If it wasn’t for these last five weeks and the endless support from my fellow group mates, I would have just continued on my path and never would have stopped to listen to my inner self.  A work in progress I continue to be. 



Yvonne’s Adventures in CrossFit 3/17-3/22/18 (4/5/2018)

Yvonne’s Adventures in CrossFit 3/17-3/22/18

The end is always sad but in our case the end of the CrossFit Open brought us together to enjoy and celebrate the awesome athletes that endured five weeks of badass WODs.  Saturday marked the end of the open and Wildcat Crossfit celebrated by having a potluck.  I wasn’t able to attend but I did come into the gym early to watch some folks complete 18.5.  I am always amazed at the strength of my peers and made a promise to myself that I will be one of these incredible athletes next year! 

Saturday March 17, 2018

Wildcat CrossFit’s Eat Smart Challenge

I decided to join this challenge because I’ve taken a big step in the right direction coming into the gym regularly and now I want to add to that by learning how to eat healthy.  It’s really hard to unlearn a lifetime of bad habits but when you have a group of people who are willing to offer the support, already I’m winning.  The way this challenge will work is each week we will be given a challenge to change something in our diets.  The goal is to feel what each change does to our bodies.  Jenny Providence, Jen Wirth, and Noah Providence will be our coaches throughout the challenge.

Week One

The first challenge was to incorporate more animal fats into our diets.  This blew my mind because I’ve always been told that butter was bad for you however Jen Providence talked about the good fats to add to our diets, like butter, coconut oil and olive oil.  We also discussed what fats to stay away from, canola, vegetable and hydrogenated oils being among the worst ones.  Our coaches took our measurements and body weight stats and released out into the world a little bit wiser and with a Facebook page to support us in our quest to start changing our lives.

I now eat a lot more butter and embrace bacon wholeheartedly.  There was a lot of information and I soaked it all in.  I love the support I’ve gotten, not only by our coaches but also from my other peers in the class.  Here’s the great part about this group, we come from all different shapes, sizes and walks of life; All working towards the same goal.  No judgement just real people, leaning to eat real food.  This challenge is going to save my life by teaching me to eat healthy one week at a time.  One week at a time sounds slow but in the grand scheme of things, slow and steady always wins the race.

Here is a picture from of one of the recipe videos that has been released as part of the 5 Week Challenge. Eating healthy doesn’t mean your food can’t be tasty!  Click this link to see the video

Monday March 19, 2018

Today was all about block work using dumbbells.  I’m guessing that the purpose of these blocks is to get us to pace ourselves and make sure that we maintain the same time or within the same range.  This has been the theme lately.  Today’s WOD consisted of the following;

3 Blocks of 8 Rounds with 2 minutes rest between each block

First Block
8 Rounds
30 seconds Max Rep DB Hang Power Cleans
30 seconds Rest

Second Block
8 Rounds
30 seconds Max Rep DB Push Jerks
30 seconds Rest

Third Block
8 Rounds
30 seconds Max Rep DB Thrusters
30 seconds Rest

Ok so after completing this WOD, tired wasn’t the right word.  I did not think that I would be that exhausted and that my arms would be that sore. I felt it all through my shoulders and biceps. I pushed myself with each block and maintained about the same reps on each block.

I tend to be working on my form more and more each class.  I used want to be faster and now I appreciate proper form.  My Power Cleans can get heavier and my Push Jerk could use some work, but I completed with a decent time coming in at 196 reps.  It was nice to see that I’m getting better and better each day.  I’m slowly learning to appreciate what my body is capable of.

Tuesday March 20, 2018

Holy Bouncing High Pull Batman!  Today I learned how to bruise my hips, but in a good way.  I’d never worked on bouncing Power Cleans or high pulls before so when I saw these listed I had to go watch a video to better inform myself.

It looked sort of the way I do Power Cleans when I’m getting fatigued. Imagine my surprise when I heard it was an actual thing.  Today’s WOD consisted of the following;

B.            Every Minute for 8 Minutes
3 Bar to Hip Bouncing High Pull Ups
3 Bouncing Hang Power Cleans

C.            Bouncing Power Cleans  5X3

D.            8 Minute AMRAP
5x Hang Power Cleans
4x Push Jerks
3x Bar Facing Burpees

Ok so to explain the bouncing Power Clean, you start at a Hang Power Clean and bounce it off your hips every time you complete one.  You are sort of launching the bar back up into a Clean.
I really liked these and found that they were fairly easy to do, not in a high quantity, but it’s nice to know that I can do these.  I ended up at 6 rounds for the AMRAP, which I think wasn’t too bad as it looks like the range was from 6-10 rounds.

March 22, 2018

The Grind seems to be part of the pattern lately.  Today we worked on Power Snatches.  The Power Snatch is when you snatch the bar overhead.  You have to get under the bar quickly and for these your grip on the bar has to be wide.  You also have to use less weight then you are used to because these can get a bit tricky.  If you find that you’re losing your balance when snatching you need to use lower weight, which is what happened in my case.

We also worked on Pull Ups and Box Jumps.  I started using a regular box a while back. My Box Jump is a step up and not a jump, but it’s progress.

Today’s workout was the following;

3 Ten Minute grinds with 5 minutes rest between

3x Power Snatch
6x Pull Ups/Ring Rows
9x Box Jumps

As I said before, if you are losing your balance, you need to reduce the weight on your bar.  I was also having trouble remembering that I needed to have a wide grip on the bar for Snatches. But I think I got the hang of it by the second grind.

It was a hard one because after the first grind, those five minutes were almost too much. My body was telling me, “We’re done!”  But we weren’t done.

In the end I was truly exhausted.  I thought I knew what exhausted was before, but boy was I wrong.  I’ve got to say that I really do enjoy grinds however 10 minute ones snatching weight over your head was a bit much!  I did it though!

Listen folks I’m coming up on my 41st birthday and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would be a crossfitter at any age much less at this age.  Boy am I glad I listened to Jen that one day back in June when she said, “Hey why don’t you come to my gym?”  Here’s to another 41, at the very least!!



Yvonne’s Adventures in CrossFit 2/26 – 3/1/18 (4/3/2018)

More Adventures in CrossFit with Yvonne!


Monday February 26, 2018

I am still in recovery mode from the nasty flu that tore through my house, but I’m here and ready for whatever Jen has in store for us.
I’ve been hearing that 18.1 was tough and I was glad to see so many of my friends on the gym’s leaderboard.  I’m thinking that I might just attempt The Open next year.  I still have a lot to learn and a lot to change before I can even think about competing with my peers.  I am very proud of those of you who did sign up and I will be cheering you on!

Today’s focus was speed and included Double Unders, Burpees and Iron Mikes.  I was excited to get to use my work around on lunges.  I’m at my heaviest around my mid-section which is why I have the issue with getting down to the floor and coming back up.  My poor knees have endured a lot and are not as strong as I’d like them to be.

A while back Noah took me aside and showed me a simple way to do a lunge all the way to the floor and getting back up.  My work around is taking the rings and setting them up high around face length and holding myself while lowering my body down into a proper floor lunge and then using my upper body strength to pull myself up.

Man, I can’t tell you how good it feels to be able to just lunge to the floor and not wonder how the hell I’m going to get back up.  I’m getting my form right and using that back foot to help me up.  Today’s WOD consisted of the following;

3 Rounds

30 sec Max Double Unders
15 sec rest
30 sec Max Burpees
15 sec rest
30 sec max Iron Mikes (I did lunges)
15 sec Rest
400 meter sprint

Followed by a 10 minute Grind

20 Hanging Leg Raises
Down & Back Bear Crawl
5x Single Arm KB Cleans

Today was exhausting to say the least.  It looks like a lot of resting periods, but when doing MAX reps you need that rest time to catch your breath.
The running slowed me down, but I am quicker at doing the other stuff, so it sort of evens things out.  I know I’ll get to the point where the running won’t be an issue anymore and something else will be my kryptonite.  I am praying for that day to come!
I felt good after this workout, but it’s always about an hour after that that the soreness and exhaustion starts kicking in for me.  I ended up completing the cycle in a little over 21 minutes which is pretty good!

Tuesday February 27, 2018 

The Power Clean, oh how I love to hate thee.  It’s a move that I haven’t quite mastered yet.  I’ve gone so far as to to watch videos to make sure that I am doing it correctly.  It looks so easy when someone else is doing it…
The cycling warm up consisted of 2 rounds of Power Cleans using 40% of our 1 rep max.  My 1 RM is 85 pounds, but it’s the ugliest most uncoordinated Power Clean in the history of the Power Cleans, IMO.
I started with 55 pounds even though 40% of the RM was 34 pounds.  The following was on today’s menu:

I completed part B with 55 pounds, which is why I started part C at 55 pounds.  I kept adding weight and got up to 70 pounds.  It was nice to be able to get the extra practice that Drew gave us today.  He spent time breaking it down which I found really helpful.

When it was time to start part D, Drew suggested that I use 75 pounds for the Clean and Jerk and I did what I always do, I said, “Sure, ok.”  I always tend to want to try a new weight just to get it out the way.  If I can do it, I keep the weight, if I can’t then I just go back to my original weight.  I trust that my coaches know what’s best for me and they haven’t let me down yet.  I completed the WOD, and I think I have a better grasp on the Power Clean. 

Thursday March 1, 2018

Welcome to my Birthday Month!  I will be 41 at the end of March and I plan on crushing every WOD this month to prove that 40 is the new 30!! 

The Bench Press was the focus today.  It was my first time bench pressing and I was kind of worried because I didn’t know if my upper body strength was good enough for this move.  We partnered up and ran right through the WOD.  On the menu today was the following; 

I started the Bench Press with a standard for me: 55 pounds.  It’s basically the women’s 35# bar with tens on it.  I always start something new with this weight because it easier for me to gauge where I’m at.

The 55 pounds was easy enough to do the 5 Bench Presses unbroken and it felt easy enough to where I could add more weight.  I decided to add 10 pounds each round which took me up to 75 pounds.  At this weight I can do 4 unbroken with minimal struggle. 

During part B1 I added an additional 5 pounds and, believe it or not, that extra five pounds was a bit too much.  I did 3 unbroken before I needed help from my partner. 

 So something awesome happened today and it’s only awesome because it’s very unlikely that I am ever doing something the way it’s supposed to look.  I either have a work around, or I have the ugliest posture. But today I was asked to demonstrate what a T-Plank Rotation is supposed to look like. And I did. And it was awesome. 

Today was also a good day for me because someone came up to me and basically told me I was looking good.  I am so hard on myself that I look in the mirror every day and don’t see any progress. It’s very nice to hear that other people see it.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me. 








Adventures in CrossFit, Special 2018 CF Open Edition (3/29/2018)

Special CrossFit Open Blog

By, Yvonne Moreno

Hey guys it’s been a while.  I’ve been busy working, raising a small human, and of course working out.

I’ve got to tell you that it’s super cool that people I haven’t seen in a while look at me and say how great I am looking.  I’m so humbled by the support I receive.  I’m getting ready to start the nutrition program here at Wildcat CrossFit and I can’t wait to bring you on that ride with me. 

We are in the thick of the CrossFit Open!  I first learned about the open this past December when someone asked if I was going to register.  I had no idea what the Open was and what all the hype was, so I did what I always do when I don’t understand something, I put my research hat on and dug in.

The CrossFit Games first started in 2007 on a ranch in Aromas, California.  At first, participation was open to anyone who showed up to the location.  A few years later in 2011, the CrossFit Open was born.  It became the first step to participate in The Games.

The Open allows anyone to participate and is held over a five week period.  During these five weeks a new workout is announced – one each week on Thursdays  – and competitors have until Monday evening to complete the WOD for judging.

Each competitor is placed in one of the 18 regions according to your box location.  You compete against everyone in your region and the top 10-30 competitors in each region then advances to Regionals.  The top athletes moving on from the Regionals advance to the CrossFit Games, which are held over three days in the summer.

This is my first year crossfitting during the Open and the excitement is contagious.  We all gather around the monitor on Thursday nights to hear what the next WOD will be.  People stand around guessing and making bets and then the announcement is made and work mode starts.  You can hear the murmurs of how each person thinks they are going to score.  It’s super exciting and I love the vibes that everyone has.

We are on week 4 and already our athletes are killing it.  Here’s the thing with CrossFit, even if you complete the scaled version of the WOD, it’s badass!

You have to have tried CrossFit to know how bad ass it is. And to know that somewhere across the world someone is completing against you and trying their very best to just not give up, that’s pretty bad ass too.

You have to have put in the work week in and week out to know what these athletes go through.  I am in awe of my peers and I can’t wait to register next year and share in the excitement.  I am so proud of everyone participating in the Open and all I can say it, watch out for me next year.  The following are the first three weeks of Open WODs.  Try it, I dare you!


20 Minute AMRAP
8 Toes to Bar
10 Dumbell Hang Clean & Jerks (Men 50lb/Women 35lb)
14 Calorie Row


1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Reps for time
Dumbell Squats (Men 50lb/Women 35lb)
Bar-Facing Burpees


1 Rep Max Clean
12 Minutes to complete both 18.1 & 18.1a


2 Rounds for Time
100 Double-unders
20 Overhead Squats
100 Double-unders
12 Ring Muscle Ups
100 Double-unders
20 Dumbbell Snatches
100 Double-unders
12 Bar Muscle-ups



Adventures in CrossFit – Back from the Flu Feb19-22, 2018 (3/26/2018)

Yvonne’s Adventures in CrossFit Feb 19-22, 2018

Back from the Flu

So I’m coming out of a cloud of sickness that had plagued my household, It was nasty and I thought I was going to die! 

But I lived and now I’m back at the gym trying to get myself back to 100%.  If there is one thing that I’ve realized it’s that keeping your mind and your body healthy is super important. 

I wasn’t feeling 100% when I walked in here today, but I can honestly say that working out has definitely helped me get over the sickness.  I am happy to report that I’m also keeping a food log to help me get healthy. 

Jen and Noah are both very good at looking at your diet and helping you tweak it to make sure that you are getting all the right nutrition.  I’m starting off the week on the right track, which is what I tell myself every week, but I’ve realized that you have to take it day by day to make you that you’re living the best life you can live. 

Monday February 19, 2018

Warm up was followed by barbell cycling as follows;

12x Touch-and-Go (TAG) Deadlifts
60 Sec Rest
10x TAG Hang Squat Cleans
60 Sec Rest
8x TAG Squat Cleans


Yes this was as confusing as it looked but that was my bad because I didn’t ask for clarification.  I just worked until I saw someone stop, and then I stopped.  I got up to 175 reps.  I got up to the second set of Squat Cleans and did 10 of those.

My biggest issue today was that I was still struggling with my sinuses.  I didn’t do that bad though.  I’m getting the hang of the Squat Cleans. I’m using lighter weight because I’ve learned by experience that If I try to add weight before I get the technique down, I always fail.  So my advice is to make sure you’ve got the move down before trying to add more weight and risk getting hurt.

Tuesday February 20, 2018

Oh how I love BURBEES, said no one EVER!!  Today was just work, work, work.  It wasn’t hard work as far as the movements, but it was consistent.  I must say that I wouldn’t make the following statement when I first started CrossFit, but I can now say that I like WODs like these because I am beginning to know what my body is good at and what I need to work on.  Today in particular, I have work-arounds for burpees and pull-ups. I am getting quicker at completing these now and therefore I can get more rounds in. 

Like I said, it wasn’t hard, but it was consistent.  I was so sore after this WOD because of the upper body I used.  Here’s the thing with these types of WODs, I love to hate them.  I love that I know exactly what I am doing.  These are all moves that I’ve done before many times and there was no question on the sequence. I hate them because they remind me of how far I still need to go before I can properly do a burpee or a pull up.

I’m glad that I do have work-arounds for both burpees and pull-ups, but I feel like I’m cheating a little because I’m not hitting the floor with those burpees.  I mean if I try to hit the floor, floor would probably hit back and that would be the end of my CrossFit career. lol

Thursday February 22, 2018

So I came in today to find that we were doing a recovery WOD and I didn’t quite understand what these were and the purpose, so I did a little research. 

As it turns out recovery WODs are designed to give your muscles and connective tissues a chance to recover between heavy training sessions.  Basically, these are designed to keep us coming in instead of taking a rest day, which I can understand.  Today’s WOD was a cycle between nonstructural activity, like running and core work, like lunges.  Giving us the option to change the order but still keeping in sequence the WOD looked like the following;

800 meter jog
90 yard walking lunge
500 meter row
5 minute 1 arm KB clean and jerk
500 meter ski
20x Turkish Get Ups
30 Cal Bike
100x Kettlebell Swings

We were given a time cap of 30 minutes and when I heard this, I thought there would be no chance that I would make that cap.

I decided to follow the WOD as written and, as always, the jog slowed me down.  I am currently not able to run the entire length and have to stop and walk part of the way. It’s time consuming.  I ended up coming in just below the 30 minute cap. I took short 30 second breaks between sessions, and I kept working. 

I was super proud of myself and I absolutely believe that recovery WODs are necessary to be able to keep the body moving.  Remember that your body continues to work even after you’ve worked out, so regardless of the type of WOD always give it your all.

Wildcat CrossFit Open Leaderboard (2/25/2018)

[LINK]Wildcat CrossFit’s Team on the Worldwide CrossFit Leaderboard

22 Wildcat Athletes have Registered for the Open. Many more Wildcats perform the workouts each week. Here are some photos from 18.1 and 18.2. Check back for new Wildcat Open photos weekly!

Yvonne’s Adventures in CrossFit: 1/23-1/25/18 (2/21/2018)

By, Yvonne Moreno

Tuesday January 23, 2018

Another week another story!  So I walk into the box yesterday ready take all my frustrations out on some good ole Deadlifts, and I had to walk right out.  On Mondays, I come straight to the gym from work, and it’s usually the day I enjoy the most because I just give it all I have.  I walk in with my bag ready to go, and it turns out I have one sneaker and no shirt!  So unless my confidence level suddenly increased 300% and I was going to work out in my sports bra, barefoot and compression pants. My a$$ was out of there with a quickness.  I looked like The Flash, in and out!!  LOL. Anyway, I digress.

Today worked on Front Squats, as follows;

I have to say that I like this new way of recording our progress because it takes the math work out of the whole WOD.  If you keep up with entering your information, you will not have to calculate anything. The TrainHeroic app does it for you.  My 75% of my one rep max was at 75 pounds and today I did 5 times at 95 pounds.

The Accessory Circuit is what got me today.  First my walking, talking conscience, named Drew, made me jump, actually jump, up onto a box.

It was the green baby box, but both my feet jumped off the floor and landed on the box.  Here I am thinking I was a bad ass because I had graduated to the slightly higher box to do step ups and Drew pulled me back to the green box and made me jump with both feet!

I’m not afraid or intimidated of Drew, but when he asks me to do something, for some reason I have to do it.  He made me hang from a bar today too.  I mean granted I didn’t hang for much long but my feet left the box I was standing on for a bit!!  There are these bad asses that never let me get comfortable, they are the coaches and each and every one of them will hold you accountable and sometimes that is what you need!

Wednesday January 24, 2018

Running!  Today was brought to you by RUNNING!  Today we ran, and ran, and in between we did some lovely  kettlebell activity.  I must say that I don’t really hate these running or “endurance” days as much as I used to.  They are very tiring, and I don’t think I curse as much on other days as I do on these days, but it’s nice to know that I don’t give up.  It’s easy. You just have to run, or in my case run, and walk, and walk-run.

Check it out! Today we not only ran, but kettle-belled too!



I finished at a respectable 27:41 minutes. The hardest part about this was the Kettlebell carry.  The first round doesn’t hurt as much because you’re coming off a long run and you welcome that walk. However that second, third, and fourth round hurt.  

‘For those of us that carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, today was exactly what we needed to strengthen those shoulders.’                      –  Yvonne Moreno.

My hands were getting numb, and I was cursing up a storm on those carries.  Another reason I love these WOD’s is that in my wee little mind I keep thinking that I’m gonna die and that I won’t finish and I’ll be the only one without a time on the leaderboard and it’s such an awesome feeling when I do finish.  I’m all about small victories nowadays. 

Thursday January 25, 2018

For those of us that carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, today was exactly what we needed to strengthen those shoulders. 

We worked on a variety of activities today that all centered around our shoulder strength. Plus, anytime I get to work out with Lauryn is always a big plus.  I just love her!!  Lauryn is one of those people that brightens your day with her smile and is as genuine as they come, her bad ass sense of humor is rad too. 

On today’s menu we had the following:

I think my shoulder work needs work.  I’m not pressing as much weight as I thought I could. Still doing five reps at 65 pounds was pretty good work for those shoulders.  I’ve notice my issue is that I get into a comfort zone and stay there for tea!  I mean I get comfortable and bask in the glory of even being there at all and I tend to forget that it’s just another step on that latter.  So I’m going to focus on getting out of that comfort zone.    The 5×5 may not seem like a lot, but when you are adding weight and doing these unbroken, it sure does add up. 

I got the chance to work with a new crossfitter today.  I asked if I could blog about him and he said yes, but asked me not to say his name. 

I love meeting new people and asking what their situation in life is.  This guy said he wanted to get stronger. His words were, “Hopefully, I can make coming here a habit.” 

I assured him that it was a good habit to get into.  He asked me about my CrossFit experience. I simply told him that starting CrossFit was the smartest thing I’ve done in a LONG while.  I encouraged him to stick with it and told him not to come in expecting results right away, rather come in, do the work and change your fitness life one day at a time.  Trust me, I know!

Wildcat Competitors Represent at the 2018 Granite Games! (2/17/2018)

Wildcat Athletes Represent at the 2018 Granite Games

Two teams of Wildcat athletes participated in the 2018 Granite Games at CrossFit Lanista today, and one team came in First Place! This grueling 4 workout competition was no joke and every athlete who participated did their absolute best.

One Wildcat team consisted of members Carly Quinn and Becki Major. This pair did fantastic. They were in 4th place after the second workout and finished the competition in 6th place overall.



The other team, “Beast Mode then Feast Mode” consisted of Wildcat Coach, Zach Bubolz and his brother, Josh, who flew in from LA to compete. This pair did fantastic, coming in First place. Wow. Nice job guys.

3 Simple things you can do to help your body burn fat. (2/3/2018)

Topic: Body Composition

These 3 Mistakes might be Keeping You from Fat Loss

by, Coach Jen, RN

Have you been trying to change your body composition? Would you like to turn some of that fat into muscle? If this is your goal, fantastic! You are probably already exercising and trying to eat well, but there are a few mistakes you might be making that could be setting you back and keeping you from making progress towards your goal.

Mistake #1 The wrong type of Exercise: Too much cardio

This is me running. lol. hahaha. 😛

Working out for a long period of time is great. And workouts that don’t put a lot of stress on your body are awesome. You know what is great: Moving around every day. But if you want to burn fat and build muscle, then you need to do some kind of high intensity exercise. I do CrossFit. But there are other types of HIIT Workouts: Boot Camps, PT sessions, etc.

Lifting weight is important too (it’s good for your bones!), and it puts your muscles under stress. This stress helps your muscles grow. Growing muscles need more energy, if there is fat nearby your growing muscles, then your muscles will burn some this fat to grow! *Note: Please consult with your doctor before starting any exercise plan, and make sure you choose a gym where the trainers focus on good form coaching. And remember: Technique before intensity, always.

Mistake #2 Nutrition : Too many carbs

If you are serious about losing body fat, you need to focus on your nutrition also. This means focusing on the macro-nutrients you are getting the bulk of your energy from. Humans can get their energy from two macro-nutrients: Carbs and Fats.

Most of us in the modern world were taught that carbs were the way to go (bottom of the food pyramid). Many of us were also taught that Fats were the evil and started eating “Low Fat” diets. And as a result we have had a terrible time trying to lose fat.

In order for your body to start burning fat, you need to eat fat as part of your diet (good, saturated fats) and you need to limit the amount of carbs you take in. If you are not sure where to start, a consultation with a Nutrition Coach is something you might want to do.

 Mistake #3: Not enough Sleep

Most people don’t sleep nearly enough. When you can only get 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night your body is under stress. Just from that. When our bodies are under stress, it becomes more difficult for us to burn fat. If you think you might not be getting enough sleep (6-8 hours per night are recommended), start out by keeping track of what time you go to bed and wake up. How much sleep are you actually getting? Devices like FitBit and Apps like SleepCycle can track how much sleep you get…and it’s a fun way to motivate yourself to turn in a little earlier!

Other side effects of getting more sleep: More Energy, Better Mood. You Make Better Choices. And You Have More Motivation to take you towards your goals!


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