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Yvonne’s CrossFit Journal – August 8 – 11, 2017 (8/18/2017)

Yvonne’s CrossFit Journal – August 8 – 11, 2017

Wildcat CrossFit’s Weekly Newbie Blog

By, Yvonne Moreno

Iron Yoga


This week, I tried yoga at Wildcat for the first time. It wasn’t my first time to the yoga rodeo, but I wanted to try it out here at this gym too. Man, let me tell you that the basic yoga class I usually attend has nothing on this!! I know most of the basics, but this class turned it up a notch and I loved it!! My form isn’t that great, but I do have a lot of flexibility, so some positions come easier to me.

It was a small class of 3 which allowed us the time to come into each position correctly. Yoga definitely helped with my sore muscles after a tough week. I also love the mindfulness and peaceful feeling that come with practicing yoga. Yoga has always been one of favorite things to do. I absolutely believe that you should try yoga at least once. You might be surprised!!

I know most of the basics,
but this class turned it up
a notch and I loved it!!

Monday August 8, 2017

Happy Monday!! So I know I’ve said this before about checking the WOD online before coming to the gym, some people say: Don’t. I say, Sure why not.

I checked the WOD online and saw that today we had a seven minute row!! Seven minutes of rowing!!! Omg I was seriously thinking of maybe sitting this one out, but what’s the fun in that, right!? I walked my happy butt into the gym and I find out that Ryan is coaching this rowing workout too! (Read my earlier blog post here about another memorable workout on the rower where Ryan really helped me to ‘dig deep’). As soon as I saw Ryan, I knew then I should have stayed home, just kidding, (but not really)!!

The last time Ryan coached me he was at me to row harder. I did. And I had my overall best score on that round, but man, was I in pain the next day! Ryan pushes me to give everything I have to give in my workouts, and when he pushes I never disappoint! Today wasn’t any different.

…a maniacal smile crept over Ryan’s face as he told us that we had to beat our pace boat and row for SEVEN MINUTES…!

Ryan mixed up the warm up today by sending us off into the neighborhood to run the block stopping at every corner to so lunges and squats. What did I do? I took off and half ran and half walked my ass around the block to do squats and lunges! OMG I was done after that.

But, alas I wasn’t done. The next thing I knew, a maniacal smile crept over Ryan’s face as he told us that we had to beat our pace boat and row for SEVEN MINUTES! I won’t lie. I was intimidated. Thank goodness this happened before class:

I ran into Anneth, a lady I met a while back and she gave me some great advice. Anneth told me to keep a steady pace and don’t try to over do it. This way it doesn’t become too much, and that just what I did.

Ryan put us on the rowers for 30 seconds to establish our pace and then we were off! I sat down and rowed like my life depended on it and ,in the end, I did a great job! I rowed 1237 meters. Ryan did say that the 2000 m for men and 1750 m for women goal is for the best athletes in the gym and that only two other men and one woman had reached that goal. So, in the grand scheme of things, I did a great job. We did put Ryan to the test after class that he did an awesome job coming at 2025 meters. Good Job Ryan!!

Tuesday 08/08/2017

I thought that after yesterday’s row extravaganza I would be a lot more sore then what I’m feeling today. I didn’t look at today’s WOD in advance, but when I was in the gym and I approached the whiteboard I almost had a heart attack!

Yes, that says an AMRAP of 100 meters and Dumb Bell Thrusters (increasing at each round by one). Ok, so if you’ve been keeping up with me, I recently was able to reach my goal of running at a very slow pace the 200 meter run so today is pushing me to not only run 200 meters but to do that multiple times.

To start, Drew made us star in our own comedy show by making us do bear crawls with a foam roller on our backs. Mind you, if you drop the roller you have to get up and do burpees. Needless to say, we were all giggling at every crawl. I couldn’t even get to two crawls before losing the roller. Drew finally had mercy on me let me just crawl sans roller. It was very entertaining. He wanted us to complete a few rounds of these, however I had to giggle again when I heard him say, “Ok, just one round will be enough.”

I’ve learned that when it’s something that I’m really nervous about doing,
I just have to jump in and do it; not sit and think.

After the hilarious warm up, we moved on to the 12 minute AMRAP. I didn’t even think about it when I chose my dumb bells and jumped out the bay door to get started. I’ve learned that when it’s something that I’m really nervous to do, I just have to jump into it and not sit and think. I took off for my first round. I ran the first 100 meters and completed the first thruster however the second 100 meter got a little tougher but I ran it. By the 4th and 5th round I was walking/running the meters but still doing the best I could. I ended up with 7 rounds with a 50 meter run into the 8th.

To finish off today, we did a 400 meter farmer’s carry…oh but it wasn’t just any farmer’s carry. To start, we had to do an overhead kettle bell carry, when that got to be too much we could drop them down to a front rack position and when that got be too much we could lower them to the regular farmer’s carry, but if you put those suckers down on the ground, you had to start all over again with the over head carry. LONGEST 400 METERS IN MY LIFE!!

Drew did mention that his classes always work harder and I have to say that he’s right! Thanks for the push Drew!

Wednesday 8/9/17

Today I came in a little earlier then usual and joined the 4pm WOD, which I might say is my favorite time to come. It was my first time training with Noah and I was also super sore from yesterday’s cardio explosion.

We talked a little about how I’ve been doing and he mentioned that part of the Wildcat membership includes a nutrition evaluation and nutrition coaching. I totally want to set some time aside to meet with him. Let’s not forget that a big part of being healthy is eating healthy in addition to working out.

We worked on cardio and arms and I got on the bike for the first time since Foundations. Man is it hard to get to 10 calories! The workout was an AMRAP of 10 calories on the bike or 14 on the row, 10 kettlebell swings, and 10 pull ups. The bike slowed me down, but I ended up doing three rounds and a row, which I think was pretty good.

We did a lot of work on our arms today, which is what I needed because I was very sore in that area. It’s nice to have trained with Noah, because I like knowing what to expect from each coach. Noah is really good at showing me how to correct my form and how to make each movement easier for me. He made me get on that damn bike and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Thanks for the advice and the help Noah! Look forward to working with you again!

Thursday 8/10/2017 & Friday 8/11/2017

Hey Kids! So yesterday was a big day for me. When I walked into this gym over a month ago I wasn’t at a healthy weight … and I’m still not a healthy weight. However, yesterday I stepped on a scale and found out that I’ve reached a very significant goal! I’m out of a range that I’ve been in for a long time. I mean I like four pounds out of that range.

I am so damn proud of myself,
I was riding that high
all day yesterday.

Listen folks, all this happened by doing two things; walking into a scary CrossFit gym over a month ago, and changing my nutrition.

CrossFit has completely changed me in ways I never thought possible. Now, when someone says run, I know for sure that I can for a certain distance. When someone says get on the row machine, I know the damage I can do in 7 minutes. When I see that we are working with weight, I know what my max is and I know how far to push it.

I can do so much in the gym that I could have never imagined I could and that’s all because of the people around me that have helped me and have cheered me along the way. Ryan, Lauryn, Taylor, Nick, Drew Noah, and Jen have been there to help me reach this goal and I have no doubt in my mind that they will be there to help me reach my next goal! Thanks so much guys!!

Ok enough of the sappy!! Yesterday I was introduced to the Turkish Get Up’s. These are now my least favorite and I choose to block them from my memory from now on. We started with 5 rounds of 3 push press at 85% max. For me, this was 55lbs. And 5 bottom-up kettle bell presses on each side. We used a low weight for the bottom-up and it didn’t seem like it was going to be hard, but once I hit the 5th round I was feeling that weight. It was nice getting back on the barbell after a couple of weeks.

We finished with 3 rounds of the those damn Turkish Get Up’s on each side and an over head carry down and back. Man! Trying to get up off the floor with a kettle bell in the air is hard! I mean, I managed to get my ass off the floor, but OMG These Were DIFFICULT.

Ok, so the movement goes like this: … Bear with me, because there really is no way to explain this in writing, but I’ll do my best. You lay on the floor with your arm extended in the air with the kettle bell, same side leg bent, and then you have to get up off the floor with that arm still extended in the air, then you have to come back down to the floor. Ok, I know that wasn’t a good explanation, so here’s a picture for you. Go ahead and try it!! I dare you!! LOL

Let’s just say that today I am going to end the week with a big ol’ NAMASTE and do some yoga to reward my awesomeness.

Have a good one people, and I hope to see you at the gym!






Another Week in the Life; More Adventures of a Newbie CrossFitter (8/10/2017)

Newbie Blogger Yvonne:

Another Week in the Life; More Adventures of a Newbie CrossFitter

By, Yvonne Moreno

August 1, 2017

A good start to a new month! I ran again! For some reason I was thinking that my 200 meter run (a big milestone I reached last week) was all in my head, that it didn’t really happen. But it wasn’t! And it did! Not only did I run 200 meters to warm up, I took another 200 meters after class. Damn was I tired, however I love the fact that I can do it!

Today’s WOD was a little tricky for me because it required movements that I couldn’t quite do. But, as I always do, I modified, and still got in a great workout.

Drew took us through a rigorous warm up and row competition. First team to 50 calories was declared the winner of The Thunderdome … just kidding, but that does sound exciting! Anyway, my team lost by like 3 calories. I’m not a strong rower, so I felt kind of bad, but it’s all in fun, right?

Not only did I run 200 meters to warm up,
I took another 200 meters after class.

Our workout today was a 10 minute AMRAP of 15 wall balls, 10 walking lunges (20 total) and 5 calories on the bike or row. I’m getting better on the wall balls. I almost made it to the line on most of those throws. My lunges need a little work, but I still did ten on each leg. In the end I did a total 3 rounds, which Drew reminded me was better then two rounds! His humor kills me!!

To finish off, we did a 6 minute grind. This is where I had to modify because today for this grind we needed to do 5 stair steppers and a down and back overhead KB carry. The stair steppers required me to handle two kettlebells in front rack position, go down on one knee and get back up. I tried twice but once I had to get up I just couldn’t do it without dropping the weights. So I just replaced these with squats with my KBs. The walking over head carry looks easy, but after a few of these walks you really feel it! The 6 minutes felt like 20, but I took as few breaks as I could and pushed through the exhaustion.

We finished off with a nice stretch. I’m a yoga girl, so I know that stretching is very important for the body. Make sure that you don’t skip this part!! Happy August 1st  & I hope to see you at the gym!

August 2, 2017

I want to first say welcome to Ray who finished his Foundations and did his first WOD today! Yay!
I’m so happy I get to see someone completing their first WOD. It takes me back to about a month ago when I was in his shoes! This WOD was a hard one too and Ray did a great job!

I am so sore today because yesterday’s WOD kicked my butt! Plus, I ran twice and my body seems to be punishing me for that!! Anyway, let me give you a piece of advice, when someone tells you that today’s WOD is a tough one, believe it!

I know I keep mentioning my 200m runs,
but sometimes I still can’t believe it!

Today’s WOD started with a 400 meter run and I ran 200 meters … because I can now! I know I keep mentioning my 200m runs, but sometimes I still can’t believe it! So then comes the fun stuff. Today we practiced muscle ups, handstand push ups and pistol squats. HANDSTANDS!!! I saw that word and almost bolted!!! Lauryn calmed me down and then showed me and alternative way of accomplishing this move. She explained that if we take a box and place our legs on the box and our hands on the floor and do a push up this is almost the same. Basically you’re planking off a box and doing a push up. This move was still extremely difficult but if you can’t hand stand it works as a work around.

Then came the real workout. Six rounds for time! We started off with 4 bar muscle ups or ring muscle ups, 6 handstand push ups or box push ups and 8 pistols, four on each side. OMG guys, being sore from the day before and add this to the mix, oh boy was I feeling it. I was so proud of Ray for finishing this WOD because I barely did!

Good Job everyone and I hope to see you at the gym!!

August 3, 2017

Ok guys I’m here again! I can barely move but I’m here. I’ve had been coming in every other day, but this week I made the decision to come in everyday if possible. My body has noticed.. and is protesting this decision with every move I make.
I had to really stretch today. I came in 15 minutes early and used some of my yoga knowledge. I made sure that I stretched my legs and arms to make sure that today’s WOD didn’t kill me.

Let me tell you a short story about how in a just a few minutes I learned to hate a song that I used to like! You know that song “Roxanne” by The Police? Well I now hate that song. I hate it with a passion! The story starts with lovely Lauryn saying, just as sweet as possible, “When I turn on the song, start running around the gym. And every time they say “Roxanne,” drop and give me a burpee!”

Do you know how many times they say
the word “Roxanne” in that damn song?

Do you know how many times they say the word “Roxanne” in that damn song? Twenty-six times!!! Yes, you read that right, not only did I have to run for 3 minutes and 12 seconds, I had to drop and do 26 burpees during these 3:12!!! The longest three minutes of my life. I will hate you forever “Roxanne” the song!

Then the dreaded 30-20-10!! Yes folks after the “Roxanne” torture I had to do 30 burpees, 30 calories on the row, and then 20, and then 10 for time. I thought I was going to kill the lovely Lauryn! My time wasn’t bad at 14:57. We ended things with kettlebell 1 arm swings and down & back waiter carries with 12 pounders.

Man, was I tired today! But listen when I tell you, after all the soreness and sweat and tears, I feel damn good! This week after three consecutive days doing CrossFit and eating a healthy diet, I’ve lost 3 pounds and gained a whole lot of confidence!


Tonight I’m giving yoga a try. Have a great weekend people! If you are interested, go ahead and give this CrossFit a try, you won’t regret it!!

Not Such a Newbie Anymore: Happy 1-Month CrossFit Anniversary, Yvonne! (8/2/2017)

Not Such a Newbie Anymore: Yvonne’s 1 -Month CrossFit Anniversary; A Running Milestone Reached(!) & Another Week of Workouts

by, Yvonne Moreno

Barbell Hour

This class was great! I got to handle the barbell a lot more then I am used to, hence the name of the class. I did go home with aching hands, but OMG I loved it!

Today our Coach was Lauryn. I love this chic; she is awesome!! The Barbell Hour class is basically structured like your regular WOD. You have a warm up, the workout, and then the cool down. Today we worked on Front Squats, working to heavy sets of 3, as well as a new exercise that I hadn’t done before: the Pistol Squat.

For a quick warm up, we started off with two rounds of 5 front squats, 5 push ups, 10 pvc pass thrus and 10 walking lunges with a twist. Then we went into 4 rounds of 3 front squats at 85% max weight, 3 box jumps and 3 pistol squats. I haven’t yet been able to master the box jumps so I keep it simple and safe for me and I do step ups instead. We ended with a quick 200 meter run, 5 push ups, 5 SL & DL per side and 5 Slashers AMRAP for 15 minutes.

I recommend this class at least once if you’re new to CrossFit. It’s small and it gives you an opportunity to get practice handling a barbell.

Monday July 24, 2017

Ok kids I’m back!! Last week I was in the gym once for the barbell hour then then the very next day I fell In the mud! Don’t laugh…ok, you can laugh a little, but I did fall in the mud and the entire left side of my body hurt. :'(

But guess what? I’m back this week!! And I’m happy to report that I started off my Monday with an awesome workout!

We started off with a warm up, and then went straight into what we call a “Mixed Helen” which consisted of 12 Pull Ups, a 400 meter run, and 21 KB swings. Yes, you are reading that right. And we did it 3 rounds for time. My time: 16:31. We finished up with a nice cool down using the foam roller to work on our lats and traps.

So it’s coming up on about a month since I started this journey. I’ve already noticed that I am physically stronger. My energy levels are awesome, and I have to say that my confidence is 100% times better then when I walked in that first day.

Today when the Coach said take a run, I made a quick decision and jumped out the bay door… And I Ran!


Tuesday July 25, 2017

Today was the day folks! Those of you that follow me know that I don’t run because I physically can’t. However. Today when the Coach said take a run, I made a quick decision and jumped out the bay door… And I Ran! I RAN A WHOLE 200 METERS WITHOUT STOPPING! I mean it was a slow run, and my lungs were cussing me out, but I FREAKING RAN!!

Take that you nay-sayers! I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t run the 400 meter as suggested, but I ran half of that, which is more than I could do before! This is a big day for me, kids, because I hadn’t been able to run more then 100 meters before without stopping and walking the rest of the way. CrossFit did this for me!!!

Ok, now as I sit on my couch I don’t feel quite so badass, mainly because I’m so tired. You see, today I almost died. Let me just lay it out for you:

Today on the friendly little whiteboard it stated that we had to do 6 rounds of a 2 minute row, with 3 minutes of rest in between, and then finish it up with a nice 400 meter farmers carry.

The only reason I pushed myself so hard was because Coach Ryan was right there, cheering me on.

Now, when I saw 6 rounds of a 2 minute row and a 3 minute rest I thought, “Ahh, come on, that’s easy!” Um no.

I think I died a couple of times between rows! OMG guys, my body was telling me to get the hell up off that rower and run in the direction of home! Check this out: my highest meter row was 407m, and this was on my last row. The only reason I pushed myself so hard is because Coach Ryan was right there, cheering me on. He stood next to me and made sure that I gave it my all and he didn’t let me quit. This support is why I keep coming back and don’t follow my urge to run in the other direction!

This week marked my one month CrossFit anniversary.

CrossFit has already changed my life and has made me be more accountable for my health and well-being. Thanks Wildcat CrossFit! I’ll see you next week as my kid and I are outta here a for a few days and will be enjoying ourselves in the beautiful San Diego weather!







Newbie Blogger Yvonne: Another Week in the (Wildcat CrossFit) Life! (7/31/2017)

Another Week in the (Wildcat CrossFit) Life!

Monday July 10, 2017

Hey Kids, it’s a brand new week and I am still on this ride! I’ve got to say that I didn’t think I would last this long because, just when you think you are getting used to the WODs … bam! they make you do something different that makes you think twice about your thought process. That being said, I attended the Community Class yesterday, and here I am the very next day, I’m a rebel!!

Today’s 5 pm class was a largest I’ve seen thus far. We split up into two groups for today’s WOD. The first group started with the strength portion. Today we did a push press rotation of 4-3-2-1-4-4. The last time I did this rotation my max was at 70 lbs. I pushed it up to this weight today and toyed with adding a little more weight, but I didn’t think it was time. I will vow to push it next time though.

The second half of the WOD was a METCON, 5 rounds of 15 cal row/bike/ski machine, down and back front rack kettlebell walk and 10 front rack kettlebell squats. Ok, so let me explain today’s METCON (or as I called it…METDEATH!!!) in detail:

Oh my gawd, I was about to keel over after this one. I did like a million squats. Ok, it was only 50, but that’s 50 squats holding kettlebells!!! Ok, so the clock starts, and I did first 15 cal on the rower, then took my wobbly legs and picked up two 16kg kettlebells and walked up and down the length of the gym 4 times with those kettlebells tucked in the crook of my bent arms. Then you stop and hit 10 squats with those little suckers. And then guess what kids? I did that 4 more times! My time was 16 min 41 seconds. Not bad for a kid from the wrong side of being fit!! LOL

Wednesday July 12th

Today was another hard one. We worked on power cleans and push press. I definitely have to work on my form with these because of my coordination. Finding the correct way to clean that barbell to your collar is my problem. Also, I think it’s the effort that you put into these moves that makes you successful, and today I wasn’t very energetic. I did not want to be there I wanted to be at home with my tub of Blue Bunny. But, alas, my ass is not in any shape to be at home partaking in any Blue Bunny action. I digress. Moving on…

Capacity wanted to kill me today, if capacity was a mass murderer. Today the white board had the nerve to say that today we were going to do 4 two minute AMRAP of 2 Power Clean + Push Press and 6 Burpee bar hops. They wanted me to jump the bar. Lol, not today. Needless to say, I can’t jump that high, so I did my modified burpee which is just like a real burpee except when I go into push up position I don’t go down to the floor. I hold that plank and then walk my hands back to my feet, stand up, and jump.

You guys, the bane of my existence was our cool down. The 400 meter kettle bell walk or the Farmer Carry. When I tell you that everyone suffers with this one please believe me!! I mean EVERYONE!!!

Listen guys, not everyday is going to be the best day. I learned that when I come in with a bad attitude, my results will be affected. We all have our good and bad days, but make sure that when you walk in the door of any workout program, that you do it with a positive attitude and I can assure you that it will help. We are human and we will have bad days, but you can’t give up and the process of making yourself better!!

Friday July 14. 2017

I was called an athlete today. For the first time in my life that word defined me and damn if that didn’t feel good!

So I figured something out today…every coach has his or her own style of teaching. You can have the hard ass that tells you that you need to work on your core and to check your ego when trying to lift more weight then you’re used to. Then there’s the coach who cheers you often and praises your every attempt. Here’s why I’ve learned to love both coaching styles: The hard ass makes me try harder, squat deeper, they make we want to build that strong foundation. And the cheerleaders who see me in the gym and yell from accross the room, telling me that I’m doing a good job, and to keep it up, are setting that foundation. These coaches are the glue that hold me together and allow me to walk out of every session with my head held high.

We worked on overhead squats today. These are kind of hard when you keep adding weight. Coach Laurie had us start with just the PVC pipes to correct our forms. Laurie is a stickler for form. I like that she takes the time to correct us and lets us know when we need to scale the weight down in order to do a correct overhead squat.

In conclusion, this week was hard not entirely because of the work out, but also because of everyday life. Like I said earlier in the week, I have to remember to stay positive and take every little bit of praise and constructive criticism and use those things to build a stronger me. I’m going to try to make it to different classes next week. Maybe go to the barbell class and work on that form. Until then, thanks for coming on this wild ride with me! Leave me a comment, ask me a question or just say HI!!



Newbie Blogger Week 4: Featuring Women’s CrossFit (aka ‘MomWOD’) and our Free Sunday Community Class (7/14/2017)

This is my fourth week at Wildcat CrossFit.  I’m feeling so good about myself and that’s where it starts people!

July 3, 2017 MomWOD

OMG, these Moms are no joke!  So I had a day off on Monday and decided to join an earlier class.  MomWOD offered childcare so my son and I headed into the gym.  Once I got my son settled, I walked over to start the class and our coach Laurie knew who I was right away.  The one thing she did say to me was that some say that Mom WOD is a little bit tougher then a regular class and I am not going to disagree with her.

Today’s warm up consisted of a nice 400 meter run or 400 meter row, bear crawls, inch worms, lunges, knee hugs, quad pulls, Frankenstein’s and burpees.  Boy was I warmed up!!  Laurie was right there with me as I stumbled through all these.

“…today I managed to push my limits.”

Strength was a tough one today. Not because of the set which was 6,4,2,1,6,6, but because today I managed to push my limits.  Thanks to Laurie I pushed myself to 70 lbs for my set of one.  I also let the training bar go today and started using the ‘ladies’ 35# bar.

Laurie made sure that I wrote all this down.  I’ve seen people writing their stats down around the gym, but I never thought it was important to me.  Folks, writing all your stats down is really important.  It’s important because you need to know what your limits are today so you can push those tomorrow, within reason of course.  So today I pushed my limits and I was so damn proud of myself!

The MetCon today was 4 rounds of 200 meter run, 15 push press and 15 back squats.  I did my 200 meters on the row machine which was a little bit easier for me, and it ensured that I actually kept my body moving. You see, when I “run” I have to make frequent stops to catch my breath.  Man, I woke up so very sore from those Back Squats!  I think it’s because it was my first time using the heavier bar.

Laurie was awesome and I wish I was available to take more classes with her.  My son Jason loved coming with me to the gym and I’m glad that he got to see what Mom does when she goes to the gym to workout.  His favorite part was the giant goldfish in the Wildcat Aquarium.

  1. aquarium clip

July 5, 2017

So remember the last time I told you that we did a Kettlebell 400 meter walk and I felt like I could have used heavier weights?  Today’s ‘Core’ portion of the WOD was my chance to walk with heavier weights. I chose 16kg; that’s 35.2 lbs!!!  All I have to say is that I’ve found a new thing I love to hate!!

The warm up today was nice 400 meter row some lunges and inch worms.  I can’t even believe that I’m saying this but I’m getting used to the warms ups.  They sure make me remember how out of shape I am, however they also make me strive to complete them.

I do have to say that I’ve had a lot of people tell me what I good job I’m doing even though I know I am miles behind the curve.  I stay humble and I appreciate the support, but inside I am smiling like a idiot!

Strength and Capacity today focused on Deadlifts, Power Cleans, and Push Presses.  As of Monday, I’ve started using the ladies 35# barbell.  I was using the 15# training bar up until then.  For Strength I hit the 65lb mark but scaled it down to 55lbs for Capacity.  Drew had to work a little with me on my form, but I had done these movements before so there wasn’t much I needed to correct.

I didn’t finish all 5 rounds of capacity, but I got through four and a half in 12 minutes.  I was, however, the last one to come back from that 400 m Kettlebell walk with what felt like 100 lb weights.  Oh well you win some, you lose some, but you keep coming back, right?

Community Class

Sunday July 9, 2017

So I convinced my sister and my cousin to come in with me and give this thing called CrossFit a try.

Today, Laurie took us through a 20 minute AMRAP of 100 meter run, 10 box jumps, 10 sit ups, 10 push ups and 10 pull ups! Just a little workout for a Sunday morning!! That’s what I told myself when I saw the board.

We warmed up with a 100 meter run some lunges, some Frankensteins, and some stretching.

I ended up doing almost four rounds of the AMRAP.  I enjoyed the class but missed the normal WOD.  I followed up with my sister who has a regular gym membership, and she was tired or as she put it, “dead!”  I’m glad that she came to see what I’m so excited about.  I work hard and I may not complete as many rounds as most people, but one thing is for sure, I work as hard as I can.

I would recommend that you give this Free Community Class a try.  It’s not like anything you have done before, and I can almost guarantee that you will feel like you really worked out after one of these classes.

This is my fourth week at Wildcat CrossFit.  I’m feeling so good about myself and that’s where it starts people!  You have to let everyone’s opinions go and believe in yourself and not be afraid because your body is lot stronger then you think.  Listen, I am not the strongest or the most coordinated or the best at anything but everyone at Wildcat has helped correct my form and has been there to cheer me on at every hurdle.  Thanks for that! And for joining me on my CrossFit journey!  Until next time.




Newbie Blogger Post #3: A Week of WODs (7/12/2017)

“So today I walk in and I’m ready to do this again….”

Don’t look now, but I think that’s a baby bicep!!  I think I’m losing weight just by the sweat alone!  So the adventure continues, like I’ve said before I’ve committed to three times a week. However, if I can get in here more then that I definitely will!

Let me take you through my week:

Monday June 26, 2017

All soreness from my last class is gone and I miss it!  Ok just kidding I don’t miss it at all! Even still, I’m here and ready to go through it all over again.  Taylor was today’s coach.  As expected, this session was different from my last class.  I like that every coach has a different approach because it makes me ask questions.  Taylor started the class explaining the workout and the next thing I know she said, “take a 200 meter run.”  I was barely getting over the “run” word when everyone was passing me by to take their run.  I quickly took off at a run/walk pace.  As usual, everyone passed me by, but I didn’t let that discourage me.  By the time I got back, everyone was already doing lunges across the room.  This was my fear.  The last thing I wanted to do is slow the class down, but everyone waited for me.  I was the last one to finish the warm up, and no one was complaining.

For the strength portion she has us do a Push Press rotation of 8,5,4,2,8,8.  Yes that’s 6 sets each of 8,5,4,2,8,8!  I know it sounds kind of odd but you add a little weight at each rotation and by the time you’re doing your last 8 you can really feel it on your arms.  The Push Press was a little hard to do, but Taylor was right there with me helping me work through it.  Basically you start with the barbell at your collar and you push it up over your head.  I got up to 40lbs on this one.

The Metcon (Metabolic Conditioning) Portion was my favorite today.  It was four, two minute rounds with 1 minute break in-between AMRAP (As Many Rep As Possible); 15x Double-unders (jump rope) or 40 singles (which is what I did), and 5x Power Cleans.  I managed to do 3 rounds the first time, and 2 and a half the next three rounds.  Considering that fact that I carry a lot of weight, I think it was a good start.  My Power Cleans need a little work, but I’ll get there.  I ending up doing these at 35lbs.

I went home feeling like a boss. Ok, maybe just like a manager, but feeling great nonetheless.  Thanks Taylor for an awesome workout!  You made me run but it wasn’t that scary this time!  Thanks to all my workout partners today.  I’m sorry I was slow, but you got to see me in all my messy glory and you can go home and tell people you worked out with someone who didn’t give up even when she could have!

…my muscles are saying, “why the hell are you working us so hard!”  I just tell them to shut up and deal with it because I plan to live a long time and this means pain, sweat, and tears! 

Wednesday June 28, 2017

I’ve been feeling Monday’s workout in my shoulders and sides.  I think my muscles are saying, “why the hell are you working us so hard!”  I just tell them to shut up and deal with it because I plan to live a long time and this means pain, sweat, and tears!  People must think I’m crazy when they see me at a red light talking to my arm!!

So today I walk in and I’m ready to do this again.  I’ve lost all apprehension and now it’s like I can’t wait to see if they are going to make me run today!  I also met Noah today, he owns the gym along with Jen.  We chatted and he asked if I was here to do the WOD. I casually answered that, yes, in fact I was and was excited about it. Then Noah said four words that scared me a little…ok they scared me a lot:  “It’s a tough one today!”

Listen guys, for me every WOD so far has been a “tough one.” I remembered that I’ve made it through every other time, so I relaxed a little.  That was my bad because OMG, I was literally asking myself WHY at every point of this WOD.

We started off with a nice 400 meter run!  I say nice, but what I really mean is: “What the hell am I doing trying to run? I’m just going to walk really fast and try not to die… &^$%# 400 meter run!”  After the run, we followed up with a few stretching moves with the PVC’s and went on to practice our Power Cleans and Push Press with the PVC.  Then we grabbed our barbells and practiced, adding weight to get to our max.  So far I’m doing good.  I ended up at 45lbs, which is better then last week, when I was lifting 35lbs.  I was thinking, ‘No problem, this is cake,’ until the Work Capacity portion of the day started…

So get this, the lovely Lauryn explained that for this portion of the WOD we were doing 4 rounds of 4 minutes each continuous movement with one minute rest in between.  In one minute we needed to do 2 Power Cleans plus Push Press and then drop and finish the minute with burpees … BURPEES!!!  We did this every minute for 4 minutes, rested, and then continued until the 4 rounds were completed.  OH MY GAWD!!!

“Needless to say I did it
because I’m a rock star!
My burpees were messy and
on my knees, but I sure did it.”

By the end of the first round, that’s four minutes of lifting and dropping and jumping, I WAS DONE!!  That was the shortest 1 minute rest of my life and then I had to do it again!  Needless to say I did it because I’m a rock star!  My burpees were messy and on my knees, but I sure did it.  I thought I was dead by the end of the four rounds, but I still completed them!  This, my friends, was a tough one!

After we put our stuff up, the incredibly cute and sweet Lauryn told us to get some kettlebells and take another 400 meters!!  I grabbed some 9 pounders and politely asked her what she meant by “take another 400 meters.” She smiled and said, “Walk to the 400 meter mark outside with the weight taking as little rest breaks as possible.”

Lauryn’s so cute. I love her because she could be telling you to go flip the car over with your bare hands and no help … but she’s so sweet that you’d be like, “Ok, I’ll be right back,” smile and go do what she asks!  This cool down didn’t seem that hard…at first. But after the ‘16 minutes of Hell’ (as I am calling it), walking with extra weight, any extra weight, is going to be a little difficult.  In hindsight, I could have grabbed some heavier weight, but the 18 extra pounds still did me in.

I got home and thanked the heavens above that I love my CrossFit family, because I was cussing everyone out today (in my head of course), but I’ll be back on Friday!

Friday June 31, 2017

I’m feeling pretty good today, I had a little ache in my back from Wednesday’s torture class, er I mean Wednesday’s WOD.  I’m feeling even better because a couple of people came up to me and introduced themselves.  They mentioned that they read my blog and, man that felt good!  I met and got along really well with Anneth, who told me that she enjoyed reading it and, well this one is dedicated to you, my friend!  Enjoy!!

The lovely Taylor was our coach today and she said my most dreaded words…”let’s start with a 400 meter run!”  Even though the board stated it was a 200 meter run, this cute little lady said 400 meters!!  So I ran/walk, and hated every minute of it!!  Do you see a pattern?

I’ve never done Overhead Squats with weight before, so I was looking forward to trying these and guess what?  I crushed it.

Today’s strength portion was 4 rounds of 4 Overhead Squats, increasing the weight each round, 5 T-Spine Rotations and 10 PVC pipe pass-thrus.  I’ve never done Overhead Squats with weight before, so I was looking forward to trying these and guess what?  I crushed it.  My new friends, Anneth and Marion also did that Overhead Squat justice!  My technique was a little wonky, but Taylor set me strait and I corrected it.  Below are some pictures of the girls and myself.

Today’s work capacity was intense.  I don’t think I’ll ever get used to these 9-15-21 sets.  For these sets we did Deadlifts and dumbbell Thrusters.

With the Deadlifts, you start with the barbell on the ground with your back straight you lift straight up to your hip, then bend down straight, and back to the floor.  The Thrusters are done by using two dumbbells starting on the floor, back straight bend over grab them and put them to your shoulders, elbows tucked in, squat and thrust your arms up when you’re at standing position.

At 20 I told myself,
“What’s one more?”
And guess what? I did it.
I planned on giving up, but I didn’t.

The first set of nine were easy and I kept telling myself that I got this, but I so didn’t have this.  When I hit the middle of the 15 set, I was thinking that I was going to fall over.  My thighs burned, my shoulders burned, my hands ached.  On the last set I was thinking that if I did 15 I would be fine.  I broke it down and did these in fives with a small pause in between.  When I got to 15 I told myself that it was just 5 more and I’d be ok doing 20.  At 20 I told myself, “what’s one more?” And guess what? I did it.  I planned on giving up, but I didn’t.  My time was not the best, but coming in at 10:03 minutes I was smiling pretty big!!

After I rocked at the capacity, I was chatting a little with Taylor and told her a little about me and my concerns. She assured me that I was doing an awesome job.

You guys you have to give this CrossFit thing a try.  Every class this week has been different and has pushed me beyond what I thought my limits were. 

I’ve met some awesome people and I’ve never felt this great about myself.  My first full week and it won’t be my last!  Have a great weekend and remember that on Sunday mornings Wildcat CrossFit offers a Free Community Class for anyone to come in and check out this wild, intense and awesome ride I’m on!  You can check out all the class schedules online, hope to see you guys at the gym!


BodWod…surprisingly tough, makes you feel great, and so totally useful. (6/29/2017)

 For some reason I still thought BodWod would be easy… I was mistaken…

by, Coach Jen

Welcome to BodWod.

Last week I had the opportunity to attend my first BodWod Class, and I must confess, it was surprisingly tough. I mean, all of the athletes who stumble down the ramp each Monday and Wednesday evening definitely attest to the challenge of the workout … with the dazed looks on their faces alone. They also tell me things like, “This is a great class,” and “Wow, that was a hard workout.”

It’s true, I am a late-comer to the BodWod, but I’ve got a pretty good excuse. Long story short, when the BodWod class was being discussed, and planned, and for the first month the class was going on, I was recovering from a serious burn, which impeded all activity for two months. Read about my journey back to exercise here.

Since I’ve been exercising again, I’ve mostly been hitting the WOD and Yoga once in a while. Let’s just say, that I personally gravitated to CrossFit for a reason. Basically, if I’m not so out of breath I feel like I’m gonna puke, I’m not sure I’m working hard enough. I’ve loved being back…loved the hard moments in the middle of the workouts, loved the endorphin rushes at the end.

So, despite the looks on other athletes’ faces, I remained a little skeptical about how the BodWod would affect me. Would I really get a great workout? It’s so quiet in there during the BodWod class, how can they be getting any endorphins out of that? It’s so quiet in there. I remained skeptical, that is, until about 30 minutes into my first BodWod class.

Talk about endorphins. After the BodWod workout was over, I’m not sure how long I spaced out before I realized that I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open … but I’m pretty sure it was more than a minute. BodWod might seem slow and quiet from the outside, but on the inside your muscles are working bigtime, and it leaves your body feeling really great!

One of the exercises we worked on during my first BodWod class was Pistols, one-legged squats. These are generally very hard for me and I’ve always struggled to remain standing, much less breaking parallel.

While I was doing my pistol practice, Jose noticed that my knees were buckling inward and cued me to push my knees out over my toes. This cause me to subtly change the way I was balancing weight on the sole of my foot and as a result, my balance was better. Finally, I could concentrate on pushing my butt back and reaching for parallel and worry less about toppling over.

As for lasting benefits, I actually think because of this BodWod workout I was able to up my game during the WOD on Tuesday…the one with all the overhead walking lunges. I pushed my front knee out over my toe as I stood up from each lunge and, as a result, I felt much less like I was going to fall over sideways periodically. It’s always easier to move forward if you aren’t constantly trying not to fall over.

And since I’m prone to philosophize occasionally, I’ll say this, the BodWod’s slow and focused movements caused me to concentrate more on maintaining my balance … much more than I usually do… and it’s never a bad thing to be focusing on maintaining your footing.

So from personal experience, let me tell you a little something about the BodWod: You do sweat, and you do get out of breath…and you are also concentrating really hard the entire time you’re moving. This makes the class a period of concentration (dare I say meditation?), and also an exercise of will.

Some of the movements were unpleasant for me. I had to make myself do all the reps. At the end of the workout I felt floppy, the way I usually do after a tough WOD, but I also had a pleasant heat and sense of heat and muscular engagement in my hips, knees, shoulders, and back, and core.

From one workout it was clear that repeated attendance at BodWod will noticably improve and increase joint integrity, mobility, strength, and balance.

Is one of your goals getting better at advanced CrossFit exercises like pistols, handstands, pull-ups, and muscle-ups? If your answer is yes, Right on! Now make a plan to check out the BodWod. I’ll see you there!

Newbie Blogger Yvonne: Week #2 (6/29/2017)

Let the Adventure Begin …

By, Yvonne M.


So I’m sitting in my car contemplating driving away from the gym and never looking back because today is my first real CrossFit class. I mean, I took the Foundations Classes, but those were mostly learning. Today it’s no longer learning time, it’s doing time!

I muster up the little bit of courage I have and get out the car and prepare myself. As I’m walking to the door, Lauryn runs by smiles and waves, and as I walk in the door, Jen looks up and smiles. This is why I came in! Guys, these coaches are the best. I’ve never walked into a gym and had as much support as I do walking into Wildcat CrossFit!

So Jen takes me through the schedule and it’s pretty basic. I can come in and join any of the classes on the schedule, or I can come in to Open Gym time and work on my technique. I’ve already committed to do at least three classes a week, but I also want to try everything else the gym offers. With that said, welcome to my journey. I am committed to trying everything and I want to bring you along for the ride.

Friday June 23, 2017

As nervous as I am, I have to believe in myself. I just have to jump in and take it step by step. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? I might not finish a round or I might not be able to do an activity correctly, but I’ll learn and get stronger, right?

Our coach today was Ryan. I know Ryan from Foundations. He’s the one that made me run, and I don’t run. But you know what? When I couldn’t run and had to speed walk, he was right there to tell me what a great job I was doing! Ryan is alright by me! On the board was today’s workout. When I walked closer to get a better look, I died a little inside.


I present to you the WOD (Work Out of the Day.) They want me to do this rotation, ME! Now let me explain for those of you that are new to this CrossFit world as I am. All these rounds are continuous. These are quite simple moves yet when you tie them all together they work out parts of your body that you didn’t even know you could work out.

The warm up was a little challenging for me because I can’t really jump rope, not because I don’t know how, but because I carry a lot of weight and it hurts. I modified it by eliminating the rope and did alternating jumps using the balls of my feet. This made it easier because the rope kept getting in the way of my slow jumping feet. That’s what so great about this experience, I didn’t feel obligated to be as good as everyone else. As long as I try, I’ll get there! The air squats came easy to me because I rock at squats, but those mountain climbers made me breathe harder and sweat, which is the idea. I was hitting the water hard and that was just the warm up!

The strength portion of the day was pretty basic overhead squats, adding weight after every round, which I felt right away. My legs remembered the squats from Foundations class right away. These legs of mine are going to be looking gorgeous in no time at all!

I made a new friend during this round. Kara has been doing CrossFit for about 6 months and she couldn’t believe that it was my first day. I knew I liked for her a reason! 😉 Check her out, she’s doing her first overhead squat without weights, the weight gets added on as the rounds progress. We ended up squatting with 40lbs on the bar, she’s a rockstar!!

So the next part was the part that almost killed me! I mean three rounds of each exercise? Are you nuts? This is when I tested my body to it’s limit and it turns out that my limit was higher then I thought!

Again I omitted the jump rope but I still jumped 200 singles at each round so there’s that! The wall balls were kind of challenging … because I was doing them wrong for the first few throws. Ryan quickly came over and helped me correct that. By this round, my squats weren’t as low as they were the first round, but nonetheless I was squatting and standing while tossing the ball. After the last round, I took my cool down walk with my new friend Kara, and she commented on how impressed she was that I knew all the basic moves for it being my first class. I thanked her and told her that it was due to my awesome coaches from Foundations Class that helped me learn the correct form. As I walked into the door and put my stuff up, I was walking on cloud nine because I’d completed my very first CrossFit class!

You guys, I was feeling so good about myself and I really can’t put into words how proud of myself I was at that moment. I want to thank you for coming on this journey with me. I wish everyone could feel as good as I feel right now.

I know it’s just the beginning, and as I keep going it will get a little harder and I will have to push myself a little more. Considering how good I’m feeling about myself right now, I just know that I can do it. I had to take a picture after my first WOD, sorry I look a mess as I’m usually a lot cuter then this but I like this look because it’s my victory look!

Meet Yvonne! Our Next Newbie Blogger! (6/26/2017)

Meet Yvonne. Wildcat’s newest member and CrossFit Newbie Blogger!

Join Yvonne on her fitness journey as she tries CrossFit for the first time!

You know those times when you commit to doing something before you really think about it?  Well, when Jen told me about the CrossFit Foundations classes at Wildcat, I said, “Sure I’ll try it.” It was definitely one of those times!!

Let me start by saying that I am a 40 year old over weight women. I weigh way more then I care to share and up until now my fitness regime consisted of yoga two days a week and a “Get Strong” class two days a week. The Get Strong class is intervals of aerobic activity and strength training with resistance tubing. These classes got so repetitive that I started missing classes and I was ok with it because I knew exactly what I was missing. Cut to Jen asking me to try this thing called CrossFit. When I heard that word I panicked a little…ok a lot, I panicked a whole lot but I said I would try it and I had to keep my word.

Foundations Day 1

‘I’m gonna die!!!’ This is what I was thinking when I walked into this beautiful gym. I mean I checked out the pictures online and they don’t it no justice. I was intimidated by all the weights and athletically fit people walking around. Anyway I walk in nervous as heck but Jen was there to reassure me. She took me through the paperwork and then IT WAS TIME!

There’s three of us in this first class, a high school kid looking to get stronger for sports, a strong looking athletic type man looking to get more definition and me, a 40 year old looking to live long enough to see my 4 year old grow up.

Nick introduced himself and explained the meaning of CrossFit. Basically, what I understood is that CrossFit is a series of high intensity excercises that allows your body to lift weight you didn’t know you were capable of lifting. He took us through some basic moves like deadlifts and taught us the proper way to hold the bars. He also took us through some stretching techniques and I was feeling really good about until he said, “Ok lets start with a 200 meter run to warm up.”

Needless to say I could only run about 100 meters but I kept moving and ran in place for a bit because I didn’t want to give up. I was huffing and puffing but I was warmed up! We went through the rest of the class actually doing deadlifts with barbells and some weights until the last ten minutes when Nick informed us what the WOD (Workout of the Day) was going to be. 100 meter run, 5 crunches or sit-ups and 5 deadlifts as many sets as you can in 10 minutes. I did 3 and a half rounds. It was the running that slowed me down. I carry a lot of weight and it truly hurts to run but I sucked it up and did my best run/speed walk and I did it. I walked out of the first class with my head held high. I was about to commit to something that I have never given a second thought to before because I underestimated myself.

Foundations Day 2

And then there were two. We lost a person and it wasn’t me!

The lovely Lauryn greeted us with a big smile. I liked her from the beginning! I was afraid she would make me run again and my issue with that was that I didn’t want to slow anyone down because my running is crap. But like Jen told me, I wasn’t going to slow anyone down because I have to take it at my pace to be successful.

Lauryn started us off with a warm up of 30 seconds on the bike, 30 seconds on the row machine and 3 push ups. I was sweating more then I ever sweat in my life. Lauryn took us though the Shoulder Press, the Push Press and the Push Jerk. These weren’t as easy as they looked, however I think I got it down.

Ryan was right there as I did the most ugly sit up in the history of fitness and he praised me for it.

I like that these classes all start by showing you the proper form and they make you practice with the PVC pipes so you don’t hurt something. Once we got to practice a few times, she put the weights on and off we went.

After the WOD we finished off with some stretches. Coming from a yoga background I knew right away that Lauryn was a yoga instructor. I will definitely have to try yoga with Lauryn!

Day two down and in the books. Guess what, I’m still alive! I’ll be coming back, maybe! 😉

Foundations Day 3

I made it to the last day of Fundamentals and so did my companion Luke (the high school kid). All I kept telling myself is that, I’m here and that’s the best I can do. Let do this!!

Ryan took us through squats. I’m pretty good at regular old air squats as I’ve done them before but I knew if they designed a class all around squats that regular old squats weren’t going to be my issue and I was right. Turns out air squats were nothing compared to back squats, front squats and over head squats!

I’ve got to say that these are much easier when you are practicing with the PVC pipe, but once Ryan said to grab some 10lbs weights, I panicked just a bit.

As it turns out, squats are my thing! I felt the workout immediately and my legs felt like noodles afterwards so I know it worked! I was exhausted after this workout. In the end I ended up lifting 35lbs. on my back squat. Ryan was a great coach. He was with me all the way and even when I expressed my concern about doing sit ups on our AMRAP rounds he said just try one and if you can’t then do crunches. Ryan was right there as I did the most ugly sit up in the history of fitness and he praised me for it. I continued with the ugly sit-ups and completed three rounds of AMRAP. Thanks for the encouragement Ryan!

I think that I will return to CrossFit. I certainly enjoyed working with Nick, Lauryn and Ryan, I didn’t always enjoy the workout, but I struggled through it and not once did anyone discourage me. I received the support and encouragement that a person like me needs. I look forward to working more with these coaches and I look forward to this new adventure that I am about to embark on. I have high hopes that I will succeed at this wild thing called CrossFit!

Feeling like a Newbie – My Return to CrossFit After a 2 Month Break (6/13/2017)

Has life ever thrown you a curve ball?

You know, an event (or an injury) that interrupted your workout routine and kept you from making it into the gym for an extended period of time? We all have. In fact, recently, it happened to me…

On the beautiful Saturday morning of March 19, as I was making myself some coffee and getting ready to head into the gym for CrossFit Open Workout 17.4, my tea kettle slipped out of my hand and scalding water splashed onto my belly. Not only wouldn’t I be completing the CrossFit Open, I wasn’t going to be able to workout at all for nearly two months.

And just like that, I was knocked out of the running for the CrossFit Games. Haha. Jk. Lol. Actually I was never in danger of making it to Regionals, much less the Games, and I’m lucky that my injury didn’t knock me out of the game entirely. Over the first few days after my injury it became clear that my burn was pretty much entirely second degree…the area was swelling up and multiple blisters began to form. What followed was a two month odyssey of self-administered nursing interventions and a significant amount of pain. And no working out. Like Zero.

Here are some pictures of my tummy at the beginning and end of the healing process. Note: if you are a squeamish person: scroll through quickly.

Day 1:

Two months:

Initially my body was just all tensed up from the pain, I remember feeling like my I was clenching my abs 24/7, for the first week or so. I honestly didn’t even miss working out much at all for the first several weeks. I was just doing my best trying to keep myself and my animals alive, keeping my wound clean, taking care of the barest necessities and that was it.

The wound was large and the healing was slow, and then it started to itch. And then it started to peel. And then one day it *Finally* started to feel better. The next day was my first workout back.

Here are some of the ways that my body changed during my 7 weeks of convalescence: I lost weight. My muscles shrank, the skin on my legs wrinkles over the space left by my shrunken muscles. I feel like I’m uncomfortably out of breath during the WODs…and, Man have I lost strength!

My Body: Not as strong as I remember …

I lost strength in my shoulders and legs. My Deadlifts (x3) have also gotten lighter. I did 205 for 3yesterday. I remember being able to pull at least 275 or more off the floor for three less than a year ago.

During the workout for 17.3, I did quite a few 65# Squat Snatches with no problem…and yet on my 3rd workout back, which contained some snatches, I tried one rep at 65# and knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep going with good form, as a matter of fact that first rep was pretty ugly. A voice in my head said: “Hey, Chill out. You don’t have to get all your strength back today! You lost it over time…you get it back over time.”

It’s Alright to Scale: Both the Weights and the Movements

(aka: It’s ok to not RX every WOD)

That was when I asked Laurie for a sub. I needed something easier than a 65# Snatch so I could keep going, safely. Laurie suggested one-arm dumbbell snatches…which, at 20#, was a great option for my shoulders.

Before my injury, I could easily press out 35# Kettle bells overhead…now I’m back down to 20# and I’m working my way back up. “Good Job, Shoulders!”

It’s a good lesson to me to ease back into working out and accepting the capabilities of my body as it is right now. I’ve done the Heavy Duty workout for the past three Saturdays…and I haven’t been able to Rx one of those workouts yet.

One heck of a Silver Lining…

Rather than focusing on what I lost during my workout hiatus, I like to focus on the stuff that is starting to resolve as my life slowly starts to get back to normal. I’m sleeping better and more soundly, I’m eating better quality foods because that is what my body craves when it is getting exercise.

I’m still not in the habit of working out regularly, yet. For example, last week I worked out 3 days in a row…and then took four days off. That’s not what I call regular exercise. I remember telling myself: “I’m going to take one rest day and then get right back into it.” Then that second day rolled around and I didn’t have a plan for when I was going to workout..and then the day just kind of got away from me.

And then the same thing happened the next day and the next day.

For someone who works at a gym, I sometimes wonder why I find it so hard to squeeze in that hour of exercise in to my busy life.

Getting back in the habit. Again.

This is why I’m so grateful to have a place like Wildcat to come to. Sometimes I feel like I’m bringing my A game to my workout, sometimes I feel like I’m just trying to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Working out with other people is such a valuable experience. I always work harder when other people are working hard around me. And no matter what shape I’m in, the Wildcat community is here to support me in my fitness journey and, in this case, in my journey back to fitness from injury.

Lesson Learned

I haven’t always Really appreciated my body.

This experience taught me how important it is to have continuous skin across my whole belly. And how precious it is to have experienced so much of my life not in constant chronic pain and discomfort. I am grateful for my immune system and my body’s proven healing ability. I used to “not like” my belly…my legs, my butt. It took me a long time to learn to love and appreciate my body for what it can do, rather than attacking it for being too flabby, which is a topic for another blog post.

Let’s just say that this ordeal was another great reminder for me to not take my precious body for granted.

Sometimes Life throws you a curveball…or several. Your job is to survive those, and when you’ve recovered as much as you need to on your own, getting back to the gym and building your body back up…and get ready for the next curve ball.

  1. Squat Clean

It can suck to be in that “two steps forward, one step back” state of fitness…when you’re like “Gains? What are those?”

Sometimes in life you just have to start all over again. It’s what happens. Your job is to stay cool, and build it back up.

What injury or illness have you recovered from that has caused you to have that rough re-entry to the gym experience?


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